5Dimes Review 2017

5Dimes has managed to remain among the top of my list with everything it has to offer. The site requires some getting used to, but once you understand where to find things and how it all works, the site definitely has a major advantage above many others. Like the other top betting sites we’ve reviewed, 5Dimes also has its benefits and disadvantages, which also comes down to individual users. However, I will get into detail about the most impressive aspects of the site while also offering an insight into why the site hasn’t managed to become my number one among the sites I’ve used.

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What About Depositing Money at 5Dimes

In regards to funding your account, 5Dimes Sportsbook provides the most used systems for users from around the world. These include all major credit card companies, cashier checks, bank wire payments, and more. However, I failed to find any e-wallet options other than Western Union with the deposit options that were offered. However, with credit cards and bank wire transfers available, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Making the first deposit was easy and only took a few seconds after providing all the required details. New players will be limited with their first few deposits, which in this case requires $50 minimum and a maximum of $250 on the first deposit. These limits will increase after your first 3 deposits, after which is will be raised to $500 but from experience i have found if you call up customer service you can usually get an increase .

One of the most popular options also includes Bitcoins. This is one of the most recommended deposit methods even though you experience a bit of a delay when making a deposit due to the blockchain sequence. Another advantage with Bitcoin deposits is that there are no deposit limits.

We gave 5Dimes 8 of out 10 for depositing options as they feature the most important ones, but there are sure to be users that prefer to use other e-wallet options such as Neteller. With that said, we were still impressed at how easy it is to make a deposit and how well their services work.

Rating for Deposits and Options: 8/10


Betting Layout and Features

5Dimes betting interface is one of the easiest to navigate through as the web developer has kept things simple and doesn’t include anything complicated within its design.

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This is one of the areas 5Dimes has managed to capture a higher ranking on my list. The betting options featured are not only easy to use, but also provide a great selection of options to allow all bettors to set up the layout in the way they most prefer. Also, they have managed to increase all the most popular sports types and still made it easy to navigate. They have also included display options, including over/under, spread, and money-line. Switching between these options are easy and only requires the press of a button. Furthermore, dropdown options are available, giving professional more options and betting solutions to take advantage of, which are saved to your account once all your settings have been created.

Rating for Betting Platform and Ease of Use: 8/10


Odds/Bet Limits

table-bg-5dimes5Dimes has also impressed with the range of betting options they provide. Out of all the sportsbook sites available, 5Dimes provides the lowest betting options that start off at just 50 cents. In addition, they also provide highly up to date information regarding their games, making it one of the best to join for both professionals and those who are looking to get into the sports betting world for the first time.

With the information mentioned above, it’s quite easy to see why we give them a 10 out of 10 for the betting values.

Odds and Betting Prices: 10/10


Mobile Betting

5dimes-mobileMobile betting options have become increasingly popular over the last few years. In fact, these mobile platforms have made it a lot easier to find the best you need and to place the actual bet. Even features such as in-play betting have become available with smartphones and tablets. For me personally, mobile betting is a much better way of placing a bet and seeing results from anywhere. Only about 20% of my sports bet are done on a PC, which always results in switching to my phone at some point.
5Dimes has an amazing mobile sports betting interface that features various options and also include all the features mentioned above. Users will still be able to make deposits, request withdrawals, place bets, and even change the way odds are displayed. 5Dimes might not feature an app, but the interface and how smoothly everything works will never make you hope for one either. Smartphones also come with the ability to save a page to home, which provides an app icon, but doesn’t use the space of an app. This will give you access directly to the 5Dimes betting platform and all they other features.

The mobile betting platform scored a great 8 out of 10 for its features and abilities on smartphones. The only reasons we kept those other 2 points is because it’s not an app that provides the additional security features such as fingerprint access or password protection.
Mobile Betting on Smartphones: 8/10

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5Dimes features a wide range of withdrawal options that will allow you to withdraw funds from you account at any time. However, one of the downfalls with 5Dimes and most other betting sites is the limits you need to achieve with these withdrawal options. The person to person options provides a minimum limit of just $100, which is rather low when compared to the Cashier’s Check option that requires $1,000 for withdrawals.

One of the best options available is Bitcoin, which is not only free but also provides much lower requirements to complete the withdrawal. Those of you who use Bitcoin will also find that higher security measures are utilized for both withdrawals and deposits, making it an ideal option for any casino that offers options like 5Dimes does.5dimes nfl 300x140

Bank wire transactions are just as attractive as they are simply, don’t need any additional information and subscriptions to anything, and your cash always gets there on time, even though it takes longer with this option. However, for those of you with high account balances, bank wire would be the next best option if Bitcoin is not available. Users have limits that range up to $9,500 when requesting a wire withdrawal.

The payment options featured from 5Dimes is not only very reliable but after doing research online to find complaints, I couldn’t find anything to suggest that members have had any issues with their banking options. Users have the option to request withdrawals on weekdays EST from 9am to 1pm.

As mentioned above, 5Dimes has all the features you need and provides a highly secure banking option, but their options are rather limited and once again no e-wallet options are available.

Ease and limits of Withdrawals: 9/10


There are many features offered by 5Dimes that make them impressive and a great sportsbook to choose. We found the fact that they offer the lowest bet options impressive and that they have decided to stick with easy of use instead of trying to impress with a bunch of useless features such as many other sportsbook sites. If you are out hoping to find the best sportsbook out there, I would definitely recommend looking at 5Dimes along the way as the only thing separating them from the best would be your persona preference.

5Dimes Review

5Dimes Review





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            • Instant Payouts
            • Reduced Juice
            • Best Odds
            • Live Chat customer service
            • Most Banking options of all bookies


            • Website looks dated
            • Mobile betting is clunky
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