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Latest free NCAAF College football expert picks and public consensus updated daily, Get the public’s betting trends consensus along with the best lines for all the teams, you can search the team by using the search box, mobile users scroll right to see all information. Lines on the Top Table are WonderPunter’s recommended top25 Predictions,  underneath public consensus against the spread and the final table is for Over/under betting CFB picks.

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NCAAF CFB Moneyline and Against The Spread Picks

Teams Lines PickBest LineBet Against
UTAH vs. ARIZUTAH -3.5UTAH SPREADmybookiemybookie
ARK vs. TAMUTAMU -2.5TAMU SPREADmybookiebetonline
MASS vs. TENNTENN -28TENN SPREADmybookiebetonline
NCSU vs. FLAStFSU -12.5FSU SPREAD5Dimesbetonline
UNLV vs. OSUOSU -39.5OSU SPREADmybookie5Dimes
TTU vs. HOUSHOUS -6HOUS SPREADmybookie5Dimes
PITT vs. GaTECHGaTECH -7.5PITT SPREADmybookiemybookie
OLDDOM vs. VTECHVTECH -26.5VTECH SPREADbetonlineSBlogo_bovada
UCF vs. MARYLMARYL -4UCF SPREADmybookieSBlogo_bovada
BAMA vs. VANDYBAMA -18.5BAMA SPREADbetonlinemybookie
LaTECH vs. SCARSCAR -11SCAR SPREADmybookiemybookie
DUKE vs. UNC DUKE -3UNC SPREADmybookiemybookie
TOLO vs. MIAFlMIAFl -12.5MIAFl SPREADmybookie5Dimes
USC vs. CALUSC -16CAL SPREADSBlogo_bovada5Dimes
TCU vs. OKStOKSt -13OKSt SPREADmybookie5Dimes
CINCY vs. NAVYNAVY -11.5NAVY SPREADmybookiebetonline
MICH vs. PURDMICH -9.5MICH SPREADmybookiebetonline
NEV vs. WSHStWSHSt -28WSHSt SPREADSBlogo_bovada5Dimes
OKLA vs. BAYLOKLA -26.5BAYL SPREADmybookieSBlogo_bovada
MISSt vs. UGA UGA -6UGA SPREAD5Dimes5Dimes
SYRA vs. LSULSU -23SYRA SPREADbetonlinemybookie
BALLSt vs. WKUWKU -9.5 WKU SPREADmybookiemybookie
ARKSt vs. SMUSMU -4.5SMU SPREADmybookie5Dimes
SDSt vs. AIRFOSDSt -4.5SDSt SPREAD5Dimesmybookie
FLA vs. UKFLA -2.5FLA SPREADbetonline5Dimes
PSU vs. IOWAPSU -13PSU SPREADmybookiebetonline
UTAHSt vs. SJSUUTAHSt -13SJST SPREADSBlogo_bovadamybookie
ND vs. MICHStND -3.5MICHSt SPREADmybookiebetonline
UTEP vs. NMEXSt NMEXSt -18NMEXSt SPREAD mybookie5Dimes
S.ILL vs. MEMP5Dimesmybookie
ORE vs. ASUORE -14.5ORE SPREADmybookiemybookie
WASH vs. COLOWASH -10COLO SPREADmybookie5Dimes
HAWA vs. WYOWYO -7WYO SPREADmybookiemybookie
UCLA vs. STANSTAN -7STAN SPREADmybookiebetonline
ECAR vs. CONNCONN -4.5ECAR SPREADmybookieSBlogo_bovada

The above games are WonderPunter’s own handpicked games by our resident handicapper, They include game to play with best bet type Moneyline, Spread etc.


NCAAF Best Over / Under Picks

TeamsLines PickBest Bet Bet Against
UVA vs. BOISEO/U 51OVER 51 mybookiemybookie
UTAH vs. ARIZO/U 56.5 OVER 56.5 betonlineSBlogo_bovada
ARK vs. TAMUO/U 55 UNDER 55 mybookieSBlogo_bovada
MASS vs. TENNO/U 61.5 OVER 61.5 betonlinemybookie
NCSU vs. FLAStO/U 51OVER 51 mybookiemybookie
KENT vs. LOUISO/U 57OVER 575Dimes5Dimes
WESTVA vs. KANSASO/U 66UNDER 66 mybookiemybookie
UNLV vs. OSUO/U 63.5UNDER 63.5 mybookie5Dimes
TTU vs. HOUSO/U 72UNDER 72 SBlogo_bovada5Dimes
ARMY vs. TULANEO/U 45.5OVER 45.5mybookie5Dimes
PITT vs. GaTECHO/U 59OVER 59 mybookiebetonline
OLDDOM vs. VTECHO/U 55.5OVER 55.5mybookiebetonline
UCF vs. MARYLO/U 67OVER 67 SBlogo_bovada5Dimes
BAMA vs. VANDYO/U 43UNDER 43 mybookieSBlogo_bovada
LaTECH vs. SCARO/U 55.5UNDER 55.5betonlinemybookie
BC vs. CLEMO/U 51.5UNDER 51.5mybookiemybookie
DUKE vs. UNC O/U 63.5UNDER 63.5 mybookie5Dimes
TOLO vs. MIAFlO/U 57.5OVER 57.5 5Dimesmybookie
USC vs. CALO/U 63 OVER 63 mybookie5Dimes
TCU vs. OKStO/U 69OVER 69 betonline5Dimes
CINCY vs. NAVYO/U 52.5OVER 52.5 mybookiebetonline
MICH vs. PURDO/U 52 UNDER 52 SBlogo_bovadamybookie
NEV vs. WSHStO/U 67UNDER 67 mybookiebetonline
OKLA vs. BAYLO/U 62.5OVER 62.5 mybookie5Dimes
MISSt vs. UGA O/U 48.5UNDER 48.5 mybookiebetonline
SYRA vs. LSUO/U 56UNDER 56 mybookiebetonline
BALLSt vs. WKUO/U 54OVER 54 5Dimesbetonline
ARKSt vs. SMUO/U 73UNDER 73 5Dimesbetonline
SDSt vs. AIRFOO/U 47.5OVER 47.5 mybookiebetonline
AUBRN vs. MIZZOUO/U 56OVER 56 mybookie5Dimes
FLA vs. UKO/U 44UNDER 44 mybookie5Dimes
PSU vs. IOWAO/U 52.5OVER 52.5 5Dimesmybookie
UTAHSt vs. SJSUO/U 58UNDER 58 mybookiemybookie
ND vs. MICHStO/U 54UNDER 54 mybookie5Dimes
UTEP vs. NMEXSt O/U 60UNDER 60 SBlogo_bovada5Dimes
S.ILL vs. MEMPmybookie5Dimes
ORE vs. ASUO/U 75OVER 75 mybookiebetonline
WASH vs. COLOO/U 51.5OVER 51.5 mybookiebetonline
HAWA vs. WYOO/U 58OVER 58 SBlogo_bovada5Dimes
UCLA vs. STANO/U 63UNDER 63 mybookieSBlogo_bovada
ECAR vs. CONNOVER 62.5OVER 62.55Dimes5Dimes

college football free picksLooking to bet the Over/under ? the above table gives you the current public consensus on betting the total.

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