2 Million BC Slots 3D

Betsoft Gaming released one the very first 3D slot games online called 2 Million BC. The 2 Million BC 3D slot machine was the first of a new generation of slots in 3d, High definition graphics comparable to a console and best of all it was designed to work on both desktop computers and also mobile devices like Android, Iphone or tablets,

Play Lines

The 2 Million BC slot game as expected comes filled with prehistoric types of themes running right through the entire slot. Take advantage of the up to 30 paylines available to put into live play along with various coin and stake settings that once offered will allow you to be able to give it lots of playtime online and with stakes you are comfortable with.


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Special Bonus Symbols

Below are the symbols you will come across and their meanings:

Wild Symbol– The 2 Million BC slot game does not contain any Wild symbols that are attached to any of the reels. But, that is no excuse not to play it due to that this slot machine does offer plenty of additional ways to win through its bonus feature rounds!

Scatter Symbol– To be rewarded with free spins, the Camp Fire reel symbol is the Scatter symbol for when spinning in a set of only three or more of them. Also, as you are playing out in Free Spins, you can also be awarded.

Bonus Symbol– The 2 Million BC slot game contains an Acorn symbol in play on the reels. Three or more Acorns will trigger a shoot to kill type of bonus game.

Bonus Symbols– The Bonus symbol is another bonus symbol to be watchful for when you are spinning the reels of this slot game. The Bonus symbol will also trigger another type of unique bonus game but only if enough of them have been spun in when you are playing the base game.

Jackpot Symbol– The Girl symbol is the Jackpot symbol! But, you must capture all five of them on any activated payline to win the top prize offered which is the winning payout on this game.

Extra features

Be rewarded with Free Spins when you have in view anywhere on the screen via a base game. Just spin three of the Camp Fire reel symbols. And keep in mind playing out additional Free Spins can and may be awarded to you.2-million-bc (1)

The shoot to kill type bonus game will occur when three of the Acorns appear on the base game screen. Once this scene is in play, you must help the Caveman take aim, shoot and hope that his weapon, which is the rock of course will hit the Dinosaur, knock it out cold or better yet… kill it! To receive a cash award paid out to you, any direct hit that knocks out or kills the Dinosaur is a winner!

But wait, there is another bonus game waiting for you on this 2 Million BC slot machine. To trigger another bonus, when three or more of the Diamond symbols have spun in, the objective will be to help the Caveman steal diamonds right from under the nose of the Sabre Tooth Dinosaur. A cash payout is paid to you if you help the Caveman successfully.

Jackpots & Prizes

Unfortunately, the 2 Million BC slot game does not come with a progressive jackpot, but the base game jackpot will pay 500 coins per coin per line you wager. To win and get paid, lineup five of the jackpot symbols on any activated payline. These symbols are the Girl symbols.

Now, as you are able to put five coins per line per spin into live play, that will result in a potential jackpot payout of some 2500 coins through the 2 Million BC slot game. To receive the jackpot payout, you must play maximum bet spins as well as line up the five winning jackpot symbols on an activated payline.

With 2 Million BC, you will have the option to adjust the actual coin values when the slot game just as you would playing it on the maximum coin value setting. The value setting is for reference 0.50 if you win the jackpot on those coins settings. And with five lines in play on the winning payline, then the cash value is 1250.00 when the jackpot is hit!

Where to Play 2 million bc online

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