2020 NFL Season Preview and Outright Betting Picks

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The 2020 NFL season will get underway on September 10 and, according to what we know. It’s a bit of a shambles with the coronavirus pandemic still raging across the world and the United States.

The schedule looks fine and so do the measures. However, the situation can change at any time. In addition, there are some wild factors that can throw a spanner in the works. We’re specifically referring to the recent BLM protests. This makes betting tricky, but we’ve got a couple of suggestions for you nonetheless! You can bet on the NFL at our trustworthy USA sportsbooks online.


Stay Away from the Patriots and the Chiefs

The New England Patriots are the one team that looks like a good pick on paper but you should absolutely stay away. For the simple reason because their odds are low at +1600 to win the entire thing. Moreover, we understand that this goes well with public perception. The problem is the team is in tatters as we speak.

Most importantly, The New England Patriots are the worst-affected of all teams in terms of coronavirus opt-outs. The NFL team lost its two key defensive players and a host of specialists crucial to its campaign.

The Kansas City Chiefs, meanwhile, are trending as one of the favorites despite worrisome team news. Then again some stuff just doesn’t make sense to us.

The Chiefs lost both Damien Williams and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. As such you need to answer several questions before you bet on them with confidence.

Where is their defense going to come from and how will it gel without those two key players? Will it be good enough for one or two games, or for the entire main season? Regrettably, we don’t have all the answers at the moment. But, once the NFL 2020 season starts we believe that the picture will become crystal clear


So What About the Ravens and the 49ers?

Given the above, we think that the Baltimore Ravens and the SF 49ers are the safe favorite picks. They don’t have any issues in terms of opt-outs and possible boycotts. Therefore, it seems that they will be able to field strong line-ups throughout the season, which is key for winning Championships.

Not only are they strong in their own right. They don’t have any locker room issues unlike other NFL teams plagued by off-field reasons. It’s safe to say they are shrewd bets despite the lowish odds.

Betting Recommendations:

Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC Championship at +300

SF 49ers to win the NFC Championship at +400

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