5Dimes Casino Review

In 1996, 5Dimes first opened as an online sportsbook then expanded to include a US online casino. 5Dimes has over 15 years experience in the online gambling industry and have made a name for themselves with fast withdraws, excellent customer service and easy deposits. With all the US online casinos, 5Dimes offers the fastest withdraws and use of a credit card deposit work great.

Payout Percentages:

With almost 20 years in business, the name 5Dimes speaks to reliability and trustworthiness. To be able to survive this amount of time in the online gaming industry can5dimes payout percentagesnot be possible without offering the best product possible and offering fair games. To insure 5Dimes is upheld to the highest standards in offering fair game, 5Dimes is subject to random 3rd party audits to ensure all games in the product line are fair and the payout correctly along with ensuring 5Dimes post their payout results on their homepage.

One of the best features of 5Dimes is being able to use the online casino to play for real money slot machines and various table games (including a favorite of mine; live dealer games).


Betsoft and proprietary : This was one of the biggest updates to the online casino part of the company, the addition of betsoft slots one of the best slot software providers around, and by far the best graphical slots on show chooses from hundreds of top rated games to play.

Within the site you will find 4 Casinos all filled with hundreds of games; Grand Casino, Jackpot Casino, Bonus Casino, Match play Casino combined there is over 300 games.

Live Casino: Hooked up for 24 hour live play with real time hosts

Mobile Casino

Since the boom of the smartphone, 5Dimes has made the casino side of things 100% mobile friendly, unlike the sportsbook which still remains a little clunky, you can now play slots, poker and much more all from your mobile device full 3d slots to play on any mobile device.

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Depsosit & Payouts

When it comes to USA residents, 5Dimes offers easy deposits and also offers the fastest withdraws of any US online casino. When you’re in business for 15 years, it’s no secret 5Dimes knows how to keep customers happy with the fastest withdraws that you can receive in as little as 24 hours.

5Dimes allows you to you to get approved quickly by using a USA Visa or Mastercard to make deposits. US deposits into 5Dimes are quick and easy with a very good success rate, but if you wish, you can also send a cash transfer if needed. By far for large Deposits and Withdrawals Bitcoin is best, there is also an option to have a prepaid debit card sent to you which is linked to your account for fast atm collections.

Withdraws can be back to you with in a number of minutes depending on the method. Checks sent to you are through FedEx and arrive in as little as 5 business days and when it comes to cash transfers, they have been received the very next day. If making a cash transfer withdraw request, details will be available in as little as 12-24 hours and ALWAYS within 48 hours. There is no other casino that offer faster withdraws!



As great as 5Dimes is, there is one area where they all short and that is in the bonus department. Main reason being because no incentive is necessary to entice new players to join as 5Dimes have plenty of players chomping at the bit to join 5Dimes because their easy deposits, fast withdraws and live dealer games are incentive enough.

A $100 to $250 deposit will get you a match bonus of 100% “Mad Bonus” which you can claim and also get a 21% cash rebate on your net casino losses. Once every 30 days, you can request your 21% cashback reward at which time it will be placed directly into your player account.

Since the reward is yours, you be a little strategic about it. For example; if you win a good deal of money over the next few days, wait until the 30 day mark has passed so you can request your rebate that way your winnings are not included in the calculation. Advantage being you get more rewards and greater cashback bonus placed in your account.

A new addition to the bonus system is the Sunday Night Free slots tournament and Inca Free Spins “click image below to visit”

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Being in business since 1996 in the online gaming industry speaks volume in itself as being an online gambling website cannot survive unless their customers are treated in the best possible way and along with it offer fair games.

With 5Dimes, deposits and withdraws are the fastest around, throw in the main attraction of live dealer games where you can play Live Dealer Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette which stream live over a feed along with a full service sportsbook connected with your casino account and you can see why the choice is obvious to join 5Dimes.