5Dimes vs BetOnline which is the best Sportsbook?

After our 5dimes vs Bovada review we were asked to compare another top Sportsbook against both of these two highly rated A+ Sportsbooks, Quite a few of our readers are fairly new to the world of Online sportsbetting and we here at WonderPunter supply all the tools available to make a sound bet. If you want to know how BetOnline compares with Bovada go here.

Apart from Sportsbook promo codes for U.S residents and Free Bookie bets for non USA bettors, And daily sports betting predictions, Odds and standings we also review the Best Sportsbooks for USA Players Our website doesn’t believe in pushing any old betting site just to fill up our pages with content, we only recommend the best!

That means Fast Payouts, favorable odds, Mobile friendly, great bonuses and above all solid trust worthy books.. the types that payout when you hit that parlay or big bet!, this review pits two of the best sportsbooks for USA residents to lay their wagers.

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BetOnline vs 5dimes where is best to bet?


We reviewed BetOnline a few months ago along with our Bovada review and 5dimes review and we concluded after a full in depth analysis each for these top rated sportsbooks were given a A+ score in our Sportsbook ratings List.

BetOnline is a Panamanian based US facing Sportsbook one of the Original big 3 when North Americans are Considering placing bets online they hold a top rating and have been in business since 2001.

5Dimes are based in neighboring Costa Rica they were founded in 1999, Both sportsbooks have an excellent recommendation whoever you ask, Though 5dimes pips BetOnline slightly due to their extra 2 years in business.


BetOnline offfer the following,

  • 25% Welcome Bonus
  • Mobile Betting $50 Free Play
  • 7% Track Rebate
  • Horse Racing Risk Free Bet
  • Casino $25 Free Play Liver Dealer
  • High Roller Bonus Monthly
  • Casino Bonus 25% reload on any deposit
  • 100% Slot Bonus
  • Casino rebate 10%


5Dimes offer

  • Reduced Juice
  • The 50% Plus New Player Reward!
  • Reload Free-Play Rewards
  • MatchPlay Casino 50% Reward
  • Casino MatchPlay Reload Rewards  
  • Lucky 7 Lottery Promo
  • Cash Back Reward 20% cash back on losses
  • 30% Super Saver Reward
  • Point Mover Special Reward Program
  • Casino Rebate Rewards Program
  •  Free Payout Rewards Program


5Dimes wins this one, why? apart from offering slightly more, Reduced juice is a big + for any regular player, ontop of that there is also a current double rewards promotion giving x2 of everything.


One of the biggest questions upon signing up with a Sportsbook is “How quick can i cash out my winnings?” more so than any bonus, point spread or deposit options.

Both offer Same Day payouts but with one difference, BetOnline has a higher payout option with the ability to cash out up to $25,000 by Check, 5dimes is $7,500 maximum which is fedexed in 24 to 48 hours, and you can ask for multiple checks or combine with other payout methods, there is also a bitcoin option which is unlimited, So if you are lucky enough to hit it big 1st stop Bitcoin account.

This one is a TIE both offer multiple easy methods to cash out in under 24hours, although BetOnline have a higher limit regular bettors are rarely affected.

Betting Lines & Odds

This one is very easy, it’s well known 5dimes offer the best lines in the industry and with reduced juice the cost of betting is unbeatable BetOnline offer excellent odds too especially for the underdog and Over/Under lines but cannot quite top 5D on this one.

5dimes takes the favorable odds.

Software user interface

Here is where it will really matter depending on your age.. the old schoolers love the traditional layout of 5dimes with it’s all in your face boards and numbers, BetOnline have a slightly easier point and click system so its more about how you want to customize your bets and games, BetOnline is easier 5Dimes has more options which once you get used to makes it a breeze which brings us along to…..

Mobile Betting

5Dimes offer an online solution but is not really designed for the needs of the average mobile user, if you have large thumbs you might find it a tad difficult to navigate though they offer the exact same system as the web browser version of their software, BetOnline have built out a complete mobile first platform which makes betting on the go simple, fast and functional.


BetOnline wins the software for mobile, if desktop betting then 5dimes offers more.

So which one should you signup with?

If you are new to betting and want a quick easy solution then BetOnline is for you, if you like to bet a lot and modify your bets with thosuands of options and the best bonuses then 5dimes should be your only option.

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