How have Advances in Mobile Technology Changed the way we Use Our Phones?

2017 marks ten years since the launch of the very first iPhone and nowadays there are few people – old and young – who aren’t equipped with the latest smart phone or tablet. Long gone are the days where mobile phones were reserved for calls and messages, the introduction of the smart phone has helped us to changed multiple aspects of our lives, from how we shop to how we share our lives with loved ones – in fact, there are few areas that have not been altered.

Whether you use your phone to turn your heating on at home before you leave the office, to read the news on your commute in the morning, or its replaced your diary, notepad and camera – there is no denying that advances in mobile technology has had a huge effect on both how we interact and how we live.


SmartPhone Evolution

The way we stay in touch has changed too – with the advancements in technology moving hand in hand with the growth of social media and the number of platforms we use. Now we can email on the go, send photos, videos and even live stream from our holidays abroad and we can even make a multinational company fall to its knees with a 140-character complaint where the world can see it.

Few of us are able to leave the house without our trusty smart phones, relying on them for online banking and even paying for items as an increasing number of us move over to contactless payment methods such as ApplePay – and the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. In fact, the smart phone movement only continues to advance, with the latest phones offering waterproofing, 360c cameras and even projectors – promising to enhance our experiences further.


Mobile Gaming

Whilst Snake was the first classic mobile game, touch screen phones have transformed the way we entertain ourselves – whether you’re addicted to Candy Crush, You’ve Gotta Catch Them All or you’ve spent years tending to your virtual farm – everyone has their favourite time wasting game. Changes in mobile gaming have also made monetarised gaming more accessible and a lot better value for money – from trying your luck in the casino to putting money on the next big football game.

In fact, the recent surge in mobile gambling and casinos is thought to be one of the reasons behind the merger between the UK’s two biggest high street betting shops – and the subsequent closure of a number of different shops. With so many people switching to mobile gaming the marketplace is one of the busiest – and knowing what sites, apps and games are best for you and what you’re looking for can seem impossible – especially when you factor in the different sign up fees and bonuses also available on the market.

Compare sites help you to browse all the best betting and casino sites, to find the best sites and games for you – and help you find the best sign up deals throughout the year, whether you’d prefer matched bets, free spins or matched credits. Whether you’re new to gambling or a seasoned regular at your local bookies moving online for the first time, remember to set your limits and stick to them in order to make the most of your experience.

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