The Advantages of All-in-One Gambling Sites For Canadians

Often, sites online where you can place bets that are available to Canadian players are specific to one type of gambling. Some sites are specifically sportsbooks, wherein you can only bet on sports, while others are specific to casino games, like Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, and other games where you play solo against the casino. Still others are solely Poker rooms, with multiplayer games that have you competing against other poker players, and there are even Bingo-specific websites.

With that being said, there are a handful of online casinos that include all of the above, where you can play casino games, bet on sports, and play Poker and Bingo, all in one place. Here are the advantages to playing at such an online betting palace.


The first and most obvious advantage to playing at an all-in-one casino is convenience. You can deposit in one place, play all the games you want to play in one place, and then withdraw from the same place. You don’t have to login or deposit at multiple sites, and you don’t have to do research on each individual betting niche to find the best casino that is available in Canada and offers the option to play in Canadian dollars in each category.

VIP Comp Points

vip-programOne of the biggest disadvantages to playing at multiple online casinos is the fact that you are splitting up your VIP comp points. As you place bets, you can earn comp points at the most reputable online casinos. The more comp points you earn, the more comp points you can cash in, but the higher your comp point count and the more comp points you have earned over the course of your casino membership, the bigger the rewards are. If you split them up, it could be costing you more rewards.

Keeping Things Fresh

Some players don’t even want to bother with the hassle of joining more than one real money betting website, so they just stick to the one and keep playing the same games. This is pretty understandable, as trying to find another site you’re comfortable with can seem unnecessary, and, furthermore, you might not even be aware than all-in-one casinos exist.

If you skip the more limited places to bet and go straight to the all-in-one, it doesn’t matter how your gambling interests change, whether you want to try out Blackjack when you were all about Slots, or if you wanted to place a bet on a sporting event even though you’re normally a Poker room person. You have all the options, all in one place, so things stay fresh, evolve as you evolve, and you have more winning potential than anywhere else.

Where to Find One

To find the best all-in-one casino, check out independent expert review sites like wonderpunter, or any other reputable portal scours the web to find the best spots specifically for Canadian players. These choices are hand-selected based on strict criteria, like reputation, banking options, oversight, fairness, and game selection, which makes it a lot easier than searching through the hundreds yourself when you could be placing bets and winning money.

Possible Disadvantages

One stop shop gambling sites aren’t perfect, and they do have a couple of disadvantages. For one thing, if you join more than one casino, you can deposit and take advantage of each Welcome Bonus if you like going for the Welcome Bonuses. Be aware of the rollover requirements, but if you don’t mind the terms and conditions, you might as well deposit in as many safe sites as possible.

Another downside is that if you’re happy with your all-in-one betting site, you’ll probably stick with it and never branch out to a different casino to see what else is out there. Lots of casinos only have one software provider, so you would be limiting yourself to the games that one software provider offers. With that being said, if you’re happy with the casino, there shouldn’t really be anything else to worry about!

Good luck, and have fun. But, most importantly, play responsibly. Walk away when you’ve bet your budget or have a good amount of winnings, and set a timer and stop gambling when it goes off.

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