Best Online Casino Payouts and Odds

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The math behind online casino games does not make it particularly easy for players to win a lot of money often. Hence the old saying, the house always wins. However, it does not mean players cannot be successful. They most definitely can, especially if they look at it from another angle. Always, play casino games with the best payouts and odds. Not so? In this article, we look at which casino games online are the best in terms of payouts and odds. What neat tricks you can employ to improve your odds at winning.


Understanding Payouts and Edges

The ideal casino game has a payout ratio of 100%. This means over time, players would get all their money back. There would be upswings and downswings, of course, but the casino would have absolutely no edge. Basically, it would have to rely on pure luck to stay profitable. Well, it sounds like a dream for gamblers because no online casino like that exists. How does a casino make a profit? We call it the house edge. Each casino game online has a built-in advantage to the house. For example, if a slots for real money has an RTP of 97%, it means that 3% goes toward the house. This is how an online casino stays in business. Without the house edge, the casino will operate at a severe loss.

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Back in the day, many shady places would offer stacked games with low payouts and unfair RNGs (random number generators). These practices reduced the payouts to unimaginable lows, even to 70% and below. Thankfully, times have changed. Online casinos now have the same values for the most popular games. Players will always get payouts of 95% and more, depending on what and where they play online.


Classic Casino Games

Classic casino games are not as popular as they once were. Because developers of casino games now contend with Millenials. What works for Baby Boomers won’t work for them because they prefer interactive games. Interestingly, money doesn’t necessarily motivate them. This is why developers must continue to think out the box. Casino games that strike a fine balance between their payouts and their odds. It’s impossible to deny that there are quite a few that offer excellent payouts and odds that are fair. It is especially true when you know what to look for.

When it comes to the big trio of games Blackjack is king. When you play with a single deck. And, according to the best possible strategy, payouts are as high as 99.83% (house edge of 0.17%). The other two big casino classics aren’t too far behind. That’s if you go for their best possible variants. Baccarat can have payouts as high as 98.94% (house edge of 1.06%). Roulette casinos with a single zero offer payouts as high as 97.30% (house edge of 2.70%). We should highlight that even small differences in the rules can have an impact on the payouts. For instance, Roulette tables with two zeroes change the values to 94.74% (house edge of 5.26%).

You can get some excellent payouts at many video poker machines. However, that naturally depends on the specific rule sets that you chose. Payouts for Jacks or Better, for example, are typically at the 99.54% mark. While payouts for Deuces Wilds are even higher at 99%.


Real Money Slots

Most casino gamers won’t want to stick to the table and card classics for the rest of their lives. Therefore, we also cover the topic of online slots and payouts. The key concept here is the RTP (return to player percentage), which works like a payout value.

The RTPs of online slots tend to be, on average, slightly lower than the payouts of traditional casino games. The industry average currently stands at 96%. It is the benchmark for knowing which slots are good in the RTP department and which ones underperform. Still, you shouldn’t use the RTP of slots as the only reference. On the technical side of things, you must also consider the volatility of a game. Finally, you want to have fun, so the entertainment value and quality of audiovisuals should be a factor too.

There are progressive slots jackpots that can grow to millions of dollars over the course of a few months. This perk allows the game to have a lucrative edge over casino classics that don’t have any jackpots. Progressive jackpots aren’t always a factor during the calculation of the published RTPs. They can, however, make a massive difference if you are lucky enough to win them.

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Handy Tips

Now that you have an idea about casino payouts and odds, we don’t want to stop there. We’ll arm you with tips that will help you to be a regular winner. Bear in mind, you get the best possible RTP when you play slots online. Although it is usually easy to find what the theoretical RTP of a video slot is. You must be aware of the fact that some casinos lower their RTPs as they see fit. So, how do you know which online casino’s slot games have the best RTPs? Well, we call it shopping around. You can send the online casino an email with a list of their popular slots. Ask them the current RTPs for each slot game. You can also compare the RTPs of the same slot games at different online casinos.

Take advantage of as many promotional deals, bonuses, and free spins. Even when you have to fulfill certain requirements. More importantly, bonuses reduce the house edge of the slots you play. More cash in your pocket means that you can grind the free spins out. It is imperative to know the specific terms and conditions of the deals you chose. Some of the wagering requirements are game-specific. Strictly speaking, you don’t want to play a casino game that does not contribute towards the WR. Various games can add different amounts and percentages to their requirements. For example, table games like blackjack and roulette can have a weighting of 10%. And, in most cases, video poker contributes 5%. This is why you should only use a bonus to play slots for real money.


Final Word

The traditional casino classics like Blackjack and Baccarat require skill. You won’t get the best possible payouts unless you know their rules and their betting strategies. These can be tricky to learn. The good news is that online casino gamblers can use strategy charts while the play. Using strategy notes is something that you can’t do in regular brick and mortar casinos. Now that you have an idea about online casino payouts and odds. We sincerely hope that it will stand you in good stead next time you play casino games for real money.

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