Best Sports Betting Tips 2020

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Online sports betting is popular than ever now that we’ve moved into 2020. It’s only logical that live bettors search the best sports betting tips. The truth is that the market offers free tips, and paid tips. Online sportsbook forums offer tons of advice where they discuss their views and bets. So how can I improve my profits when I wager on sports? The good news is is here to help you with our in-depth guide about the best sports betting tips!


Basic Info

Sports betting tips are, in essence, bet recommendations. Bear in mind they aren’t just simple recommendations. They include some reasoning which explains a specific bet on a popular sport/s. Online bettors worth their weight in gold will never share their tips for free. This is why sports betting guides like is the real deal.

If you wonder if there is any catch for our free advice, rest assured there isn’t. Once you read our sports betting tips. You can check the odds, decide whether our tips are worth it or not. You can place your bet or ignore it altogether. Alternatively, you can take your time and wait for a while. Especially if you think that you might get better odds. Also, if a sportsbook online offers you reduced juice, go for it! The reason why you should accept juice is it saves you thousands of dollars over the long haul.

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Understanding How Sports Betting Tips Work

There is a distinction between free tips and paid sports betting tips. Each has its own pros and cons. This section explores them from a wider angle. When it comes to free tips, they come in two forms. First, some tipsters share their tips via various services or websites for free. The reason why they do this is that they want to attract a following. Second, there are online sports betting forums in which members freely share their views and opinions.


Pros Sports Betting Tips

The big advantage of free tips you don’t have to pay any money for them. Instead of paying a costly subscription fee. You can use that money for the actual bets and hopefully win more that way. The negative is that you have to be careful which tipsters you can trust. That isn’t to say that there aren’t any quality free sports betting tips. The best way to be good at it is to do your own research and to learn from your mistakes. Always take notes of the number of bets you make. Your losses, at which online sportsbook you played and your winnings.

When it comes to paid tips. They usually come in the form of a subscription service that you pay weekly or monthly. The one big advantage of these tips is that you can check the previous record of the tipsters. The quality of their service and the number of free tips they offer. Thing is, most professional tipsters keep their cards close to their chest. If they make tens of thousands of dollars every week. Why would they share their winning secrets with you? Makes sense doesn’t it. We firmly believe that each and every one of us has a Jedi Master inside of us.

If you use a professional tipster’s service their fees don’t come cheap. It means that you must set a part of your bankroll aside from them. There are no guarantees that you will win enough money to make up for the subscription services. If you are on a tight budget, it becomes even more problematic after a losing streak.


Value Bets

One of the concepts of sports betting math is the concept of value. You see, value is the factor that determines if you’ll make a profit in the long run. You’ll never strike it rich if you don’t find valuable bets regularly. Mathematically, a bet with value is a bet that wins often. Let’s examine a typical example with coin flips. It helps a lot if you accept the sports betting site’s bonus on deposit. Make sure you understand the terms such as the roll-over. The bonus increases your bankroll and it helps you to bet on more sports. In short, it improves your odds of winning.

When you flip a coin, the chances of heads and tails are 50%. Which means that you can set fair odds of 2.00 for both outcomes. Everything above the 2.00 mark represents value. As you’d get a favorable ratio between the chances and the odds. If you land a bet that is below 2.00 you’ll lose money. There are tipsters that claim the odds are not fair. In a nutshell, the wager on a specific sport is not worth the bet. Basically, if you venture down that rabbit hole, you’ll lose your money.



Aside from the actual betting of course. The most important thing is to get your money as fast as possible out of the online sportsbook. Unfortunately, bettors from the United States don’t have the luxury of an e-wallet anymore due to legislation. But, they can use Bitcoin, or Litecoin which enables them to withdraw payments of up to $BTC10,000 within minutes.


Set a Budget Aside

The majority of the bettors who wager at sportsbooks are casual bettors. Some of them have a limited bankroll. On the whole, this is why you must pay attention to the following:

  • If your bankroll is minimal, it might not make sense to go for paid tips. It’s quite apparent, and it doesn’t make sense to pay $20 per week for a few sports betting tips. However, if you wager more than $100 a $20 weekly subscription does make sense. But, only subscribe if you get good value for your money.
  • You should have a solid bankroll management plan, even for your own picks. Still, it is a good idea to have one separate fund for tipsters and one for your picks. It makes tracking and evaluating easier if you’re a semi-professional bettor.

Trusting a Tipster

Another thing, there must be trust between you and the tipster. In the world of sports betting, trust is fragile, especially where there is a lot of money and pressure involved. For example, it’s easy to despise a tipster after a few bad sports betting sessions, regardless of their impeccable record. We know how it feels! Remember, losing spells do occur. Sometimes a bit of perseverance can go a long way. The general rule is to have some baseline trust that you then adjust as you move on. There’s nothing wrong with following a specific tipster or canceling a subscription to a betting service. For what it’s worth no and we mean no one has a flawless record.


Common Mistakes

Before we sum things up, let’s take a look at the common mistakes live bettors often make. The first common mistake, they don’t follow bankroll management. Many bettors bet big because their tipster told them to do so. Betting on online sports is as fickle as the weather. The fact that someone is on a winning streak does not imply that his or her next tip will win. It’ impossible to maintain a winning streak because losses often occur. Which explains why bankroll management is essential.

It helps if you analyze things on your own. Don’t always trust the tipsters you follow, especially when if you don’t know the sport. Finally, don’t try and do too much with paid tips by subscribing to any tipsters column. And, don’t pay for sports betting tips more than what is necessary. Sports betting tips can increase your profits, but you must also do your research about the game.


Final Word

As you can see, the concept of the best sports betting tips looks easy. There is quite a lot going on behind the scenes. If you want to be successful at sports betting. You must be methodical about it. Do a lot of research, and follow the tips we give you in this article. If you do this you’re already halfway there.

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