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Welcome to the world of MMA UFC betting were once before back in the old days, it was unheard of… legally anyway.

For those of us that can remember old-school MMA, it was truly a bloodsport of sorts but as it grew in popularity, the rules, regulations and sanctions were changed to become more inline with the mainstream, to which many felt it lost a lot of it’s luster. However, with the changes as the popularity grew, something good came out of it… more betting opportunities.

Now, the world of MMA UFC has grown to the point where these 3 rounds of five minutes of fighting for both men and women as grown to be just as popular as boxing all around the globe. And as the sport continues to grow with new and up and coming fighters rising to stardom, along with it comes with it maybe the need to put a little extra on the fight to make this already exciting sport even more exciting!

Whether you’re a long-time MMA UFC fan or new to the sport, we will Sports will break it down for you when it comes to laying money down on your favorite fighter or fight so you can do so with confidence.

As we continue to break down all you need to know about MMA UFC and the betting, let us give you our best sites for betting on UFC and MMA:

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How to Bet on MMA Fights- An Overview

As with any other favorite sport you enjoy betting on, football, NBA, etc… there are 3 basic rules to keep in mind if you want to prosper on UFC betting sites. All 3 are very important, so take note and familiarize yourself with these and don’t dismiss as others tend to do.

  • First, learn the fighters on the card you want to bet on. What kind of records do they have? Have these opponents faced each other before? What are their styles? Etc.
  • Second, educate yourself with how the odds work. We will get into more of this in a bit but keep in mind there are many UFC MMA sportsbooks taking action on the fight and each may have their own set of betting odds. Which of these odds are more favorable for you to come out winner?


The recommended sportsbook sites above tend to have the best and most favorable odds and live betting on fights.

  • Third, and the most important: Control your bankroll. We cannot stress this enough; proper money management is essential when it comes to betting on any sport, MMA UFC included. Don’t become too aggressive with your bankroll off the bat just because it’s your favorite fighter of favorite fight. Don’t be so quick to get caught up in the hype and bet it all. Pace yourself and as you continue to master yourself with placing the proper bets, then feel free to go a little more.


Moneyline and Prop Bets and other wagers – UFC MMA Betting

In the game of football and basketball, the bets have spreads. Basically this is what we refer to as a handicap. The spread on a game for example is set by each individual sportsbook and was created to even the playing field between two teams as one may be a big favorite over the other.

When it comes to MMA fighting, the spread does not exist. Instead, they have what is called a moneyline. The moneyline in this case represents the odds of the fight, which remember is set by each individual sportsbook. Some sportsbooks may be aligned with one another but go with the most favorable bet if able. Here is an example:

Jose Aldo -130

Conor McGregor +140

The fighter that has the negative number, in this case Jose Aldo- is the favorite. The fighter with the positive number, McGregor in this case, is the underdog. The numbers next to each fighter represent how much is needed by you to wager in order to win a certain amount. If Jose Aldo is the fighter you favor to win, you must bet $130 to win back $100. If McGregor is the fighter you want to win, you must bet $100 to win $140– the bigger payout of course always sides with the underdog.

While, it may be a bit confusing at first, the more you immerse yourself in MMA UFC betting, the more comfortable you will become.

In addition to a moneyline bet, the MMA UFC sportsbooks also offer prop bets, which can be very lucrative as these wagers are placed on specific occurrences to occur during a fight. Think of it as nothing more than a prediction on the fight; ex: will the fight end by knockout? by submission? will it be a split decision, draw or unanimous decision?

But remember, though, it can be lucrative, don’t get too caught up in what is nothing more than just a guess. Stick to what you are strongest in.

There is also parlays you can partake in if you’re feeling a little lucky. A parlay is a bet on two or more fights. Of course, you must pick correct on all your fights in order to win which may be a huge payout! Pick one wrong, though, and you lose it all.

While, parlays are more popular in other major sports, the use of parlay bets is seldom used in MMA events due to the fact that one fighter or the other is usually heavily favored across the board. As mentioned, the MMA UFC sportsbooks will establish the moneyline for each bout as they attempt to level the playing field.

Now that you know about the main types of wagers available for MMA UFC events, let’s talk about how you can best leverage the odds in your favor.


MMA UFC Betting Site Tips

When first exposed to MMA UFC events, the hype all around you will be calling your name. You may hear friends or others talking about wagering on a particular fight or number of fights that you may not be familiar with- as we mentioned earlier… resist the temptation!

Stick to what you know and are comfortable with when it comes to both the fighters and the odds that are being giving out. Maybe the fighter you like is listed as the underdog but feel confident he can win, if you’re feeling it… go for it! But, remember to always look for the best odds that can help you turn a profit. An upset picked correctly will bring you a lot of money.

Another tip: As discussed before, while many sportsbooks may be inline with one another on the odds, some may not and may be better. Do yourself a favor and shop around for the best odds with different sportsbooks. Find a number of different UFC betting sites you like and register for an account so you have easy access and can place a bet with ease if you find the odds you like there on a fight.


Bad Bettors in MMA UFC

Doing a little bit of homework goes a long way, whether it be the fighters, the odds, the sportsbooks, or whatever is going to give you an edge in making a confident bet.

Control your bankroll and be disciplined about it. What is your dollar limit on each fight or the main event? Budget yourself accordingly and if you win don’t be afraid to walk away a winner rather than try to double your money.

On the other side of that and one of the fastest ways to blow your bankroll in a hurry is to “chase” the next bet in hopes of recouping the money you have already lost by doubling up your bet or making a “bad” wager in hopes that it pays off.

Bottom Line: Just follow what we talked about, don’t be afraid to get your wet feet and when you’re confident and ready… jump right in, bet smart, make some money and most importantly… have fun and Good Luck!

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