Sports Betting: How to Deal with a Horrible Week

when betting goes wrong

No matter how long you do this, you’re going to have weeks where almost nothing goes right; where you get almost swept by the board. I am not immune to that; neither is anyone else. Anybody who says they have never had a disastrous week is flat-out lying to you.

So what do you have to do in order to deal with such Tsunami-like misfortune? I was thinking about it. I figured that customers at BetAnySports might be very intrigued as to what they could possibly do to stave it off. Keep in mind that even though this story reads as it comes at you from a football angle, it can apply to any sports (or combination of sports) you choose.

Sports Betting: What To Do When Things Go South

For one thing, COMPLETELY WIPE DISASTROUS THOUGHTS OUT OF YOUR MIND. Yeah, I know this is easier said than done. You’ll encounter various things throughout the week that will force you to “re-live” it. If you go to your workplace on Monday, for example, after a bad football weekend, you may hear people talk about the games that just occurred. This is gut-wrenching, to say the least. I’m laughing as I wrote this because I have been through it. And then, of course, there’s always that one “smart guy” who, after the games have finished, talks about how he had all the winners. Resist violence in a case like this.

And erase those bad feelings associated with your misfortune, because it won’t help to harbor depression about it. Keep in mind that just like in the sports you’re betting on, the mental aspect plays a very big role, and if you’re in a bad frame of mind you are setting yourself up for future defeats.

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Sports Betting: Stay Positive

Also, TAKE A PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE, even if you’re not a professional. Let me tell you what I do, and I can tell you I’ve been through some very bad streaks over the years. I compare what I do to being like a football coach. I have had a bad week because my team has lost. I have to regroup and get ready for the next week because the world isn’t going to slow down for me.

I want to look ahead, with the idea that I am going to reverse the negative stuff that happened the week before. I start out early in the week, laying out the groundwork for a game plan. I look at all of my options, meaning the games that are going to be played that week.

It’s okay to play “Monday Morning Quarterback” with yourself because if what you are doing is being analytical about what you did wrong, you can turn it into a positive, and even better, start THINKING positive. I evaluate what the factors may have been that determined winning and losing. I then look at any adjustments I have to make, which I can decipher, and that will point me in a more constructive direction. I consider which plays will work for given situations. In other words, I’m approaching it like a coach who studies the tendencies of the opposition. Also, I may be taking a look at the pertinent trends that might be germane to that’s week’s games.

I gather information from every source I possibly can. I might not use all of it, but I want it at my disposal so that I can filter out what means something and what doesn’t. That takes interpretation and evaluation. Like coaches who schedule scrimmages and/or walk-throughs, I work incrementally each day, building up toward the big day (or days, as it were).



Sports Betting: Have A Strategy

I compile a game plan, if you will, which I am going to use on the weekend. Essentially this means that I am going to decide which of the plays I’m going to use and what value I’m going to place on each of these plays. I implement that game plan, scripting those plays ahead of time, so to speak, and making the wagers exactly as I have laid out. What I’m saying is that you are simply going to show some discipline to work methodically toward your goal. The discipline not to vary wildly from your overall philosophy as an overreaction to a bad week.

Finally, when the games come, I have to step back and hope that the players and teams will perform like I feel they should. Like a coach, if I have put in the time, the research, the preparation, and have made the correct decisions. I feel I should come out swinging in the end. It doesn’t always work out like that, and it’s not easy to explain why. But even the Bill Belichicks, the Gregg Popoviches, the Nick Sabans have been able to meet with disaster in any given week, no matter how good they are as coaches, and no matter how much preparation they’ve done.

At some point, it’s out of your hands. You have to resolve yourself to that, no matter how hard you’re rooting.

Things to remember:

  • Have the understanding that LONG-TERM results are what count. You’ve got to have some staying power.
  • Have the confidence that you WILL turn it around. Without that, I couldn’t even strongly suggest you keep playing.
  • Have the WHEREWITHAL to stick it out and work harder the next week. If you can’t put in the time, don’t expect better results.
  • Have the PATIENCE not to try to get it all back in one shot. If you’re not patient you can compound your problems with dumb decisions.
  • Have the INNER STRENGTH to keep devastating weeks behind you – yes, the glass is “half full.”
  • Have the AWARENESS to realize that you’re not the only one who has ever had bad weeks. Even the best coaches and players go through it.
  • Have a SENSE OF HUMOR, as you’ll need it to get over the rough spots. Yeah, this may be the most difficult part.

Stay mentally tough!

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