Betting the NFL in the 2018 season

As June is quickly coming to a close with July approaching, that can only mean one thing… the start of NFL training camps. With NFL teams expected to open camp about mid July, it’s a time we as football fans can start really getting excited for the upcoming season.

With the NFL preseason beginning in early August and the regular season kicking off on September 6 culminating with the Super Bowl in February, it will be a time when sports bettors, whether new to the betting world, a middle of the road gambler or expert in your own mind will seek to make money with a plethora of games at your disposal.

But, why wait until September to start laying down money on your favorite game at the best online sportsbooks when you can get your feet wet with preseason games? Let’s face it, the NFL and betting is big business and is not going anywhere? Seemingly going hand in hand with the vast array of betting opportunities, there is nothing like being invested with your favorite games week after week!. You can get on this site we give you free access to the latest NFL Odds, and provide free of charge NFL Picks and NFL Consensus Betting data.

And, while every so-called “betting expert” believes they have the right formula to deliver a winning bet week after week, it simply comes down to you and your comfort level in deciding whether to place a wager on the spread, moneyline, over/under or the many prop bets sportsbooks like to place on a player or team.

Don’t be so quick to look at a particular point spread on a game and feel that is the only way to bet the game as there are plenty of other options to get you a winning bet without the stress. However, with that said, successful bettors on NFL games do their homework by analyzing NFL odds, watching the line movement by sportsbooks and more importantly… look for the best value on a game for the best return on their money.

Many scenarios can impact the line moving leading up to a game such as injuries, suspensions, trades, weather or simply because the sportsbooks want as much even action from both sides (bets placed on the favorite as well as the underdog team).

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Good luck with the 2018 NFL season as we here at Wonder Punter look forward to serving all your betting needs.