Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks- Bitcoin Betting Sites

Bitcoin sportsbooks all listed on one page! each of these sports betting sites accepts players from across the globe including US Players, Bitcoin is here to stay, In the betting business it has been a real boon and it is now easier than ever for players to deposit and withdraw winnings at bitcoin sports betting sites WITH NO LIMITS! and INSTANT PAYOUTS!… No more waiting for broken down payments to be sent on a weekly basis when you have hit the big one. here is our list of the top bitcoin gambling sites.

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Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has gained a wave of steam over the past few months that now has it more valuable than an ounce of gold; simply put… 1 Bitcoin or BTC is worth more than one ounce of gold.

So, what does this all mean when it comes to sportsbooks legalities? As you may already know, sportsbook regulations vary from country to country and jurisdictions, especially in the US where the government has made it difficult to disrupt sportsbook activities. It’s been noted the government has at times seized domains and froze foreign bank accounts for sportsbooks that they felt were nothing more than a scam in their eyes.

And, while true there may be a few “fly by night” sportsbooks floating around that continue to fly under the radar unregulated, there are a dozens more that believe in doing things the right way.

Recent laws in the US have made it more and more difficult for the casual bettor to deposit and withdraw funds with a sportsbook account then it was 5-6 years ago. This is where the benefit of using dedicated bitcoin sportsbooks come into play.

You see, Bitcoin is not connected to any worldwide banking system, thus making it the safest form of currency in the world and invulnerable for the government to seize. Hence, why it’s the perfect form of currency to use for all your sports betting needs.

Now, that doesn’t mean the sportsbook itself isn’t a scam and can still do away with your money, but you can now have peace of mind that if you’re doing business with a legitimate, reputable and endorsed sportsbooks such as the ones we recommend here at Wonder Punter, going Bitcoin is the way to go.

We have seen many of our sportsbooks here at Wonder Punter not only switch over to Bitcoin but highly recommend the use of it within their website as it as become one of the fastest areas of expansion.

And, no matter how hard the government or jurisdiction try to control online sportsbooks, the industry itself is as strong as ever and not going anywhere.

Some sportsbooks all together have switched to a Bitcoin only format, while others as mentioned strongly recommend making the switch for your deposit, betting and withdrawal needs.

Advantages of Bitcoin Sportsbooks

No need to cut through the “red tape” or indulge in giving out personal information when it comes to using Bitcoin for your currency means with a sportsbooks. Often what is only needed is a simple email address, phone number and/or maybe a date of birth to assure you are of legal gambling age.

No more need to give out personal information such as a driver’s license or credit card to an offshore sportsbook, even though they may be reputable.

Deposits and Withdrawals

How quick will a withdrawal take at a bitcoinsportsbook? How about anywhere from 30 seconds to a few hours. This is comparable to an e-wallet such as Skrill or Neteller and way more faster than the “traditonal” other methods such as person-to-person, money order or bank transfer. Best of all… there are no withdrawal fees associated with using Bitcoin; what you win is what you get! It’s been said US players have it the worse when it comes to fees associated with a payout using other methods.

Overall, sportsbooks do a pretty good job of not passing their fees onto their clients, but they try to recoup it in other ways such as a higher VIG on their lines.

More Competitive Odds and Extensive Markets- As the use of Bitcoin has paved a stronger future for sportsbooks around the globe, along with it comes more competition in the way of betting sports offered, expansive odds and deposit bonuses.

US players will be more than pleased with the number of sports betting options at their disposal with Bitcoin with an unlimited list of market of American sports as well as games from around the world.

And with the use of Bitcoin, you will find no shortage of Parlays, Teasers, Accumulators, future wagers and more, as well as some of the most competitive online odds anywhere.

Many sportsbooks have jumped on board in the way of offering a 100% match on your deposit with BitCoin; some will match even more than the Bitcoins you deposited.

bitcoin sportsbooks

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Sportsbooks

While the casual bettor may be just fine with the Bitcoin max limit on a deposit or bet, a heavy “hitter” may need more leverage on their bet? Another thing to think about is the prop bet where there are fewer markets available for a team or player prop to take action on.

Cashing Out

One great advantage of a Bitcoin sportsbook is the ability to cash out quickly or simply move your BTC around to other sportsbooks in a matter of seconds. If you wish to simply cash out, some say less than 10 hours but expect it to be instant; a withdraw can hit your Bitcoin wallet in less than a minute! And remember, no withdrawal or deposit fees.

In Closing, using Bitcoin is no different than traditional means; create an account and fund it with the amount of Bitcoin of your choosing and don’t worry about how much it translates to in cash as the sportsbook will calculate for you. Some sportsbooks don’t even require an account, just an address that will be assigned to different markets.

While, the use of Bitcoin if perfectly legal and safe, treat it just like any other forms of cash in the sense that you may not want to keep your BTC winnings a sportsbooks account… no matter how trustworthy they may be. As everything with Bitcoin is instant, why not cash out after every win and redeposit when needed?

Overall, we here at Wonder Punter will do our best to recommend and partner with only the best sportsbooks worldwide when it comes to the use of Bitcoin, but as always, do your due diligence as well in making sure the sportsbook of your choice is indeed trustworthy and reputable.