Bovada Payouts | Cash out times & Withdraw options

bovada payouts

Bovada Payouts, are they legit? How quick do you get your money? and are there any problems cashing out with bovada?

Ratings for this Sportsbook are A+ there is no higher, If you need more info then read the Bovada Review otherwise read on….

By coming to this page you are either a 1st time player or a seasoned veteran, if this is your first time then you have selected the one of the right sportsbooks to bet with, especially for 1st timers Bovada covers pretty much everything is easy to use and is one of the highest rated sportsbooks out there it also goes the same for Casino or Poker side of the biz.

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If you are a player unhappy with your current sportsbook and their payout times or system, then here we will review all the options along with the time it takes to get the winnings back into your pocket.

Other Top rated Sportsbooks that also have same day payouts and plenty of options to claim your winnings quick are 5Dimes, BetOnline, And GTBets these by far have the most options and speediest turn around of all bookies.

How Long to Cash out with Bovada?

Fast!, very fast.. a few years back it used to take weeks sometimes months to get payouts to US players, those days have past, you can now get your winnings sometimes in under 12 hours depending on the method used.

So lets start with the fastest method.

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Finally bovada have joined the bitcoin group, you can now deposit and withdraw large sums instantly with no fuss using the bitcoin method, anonymous accounts no fees and 100% secure

  • Time: Instant
  • Fee: Free
  • Min Payout Limit: N/A
  • Max Payout Limit: N/A

Pay to Card

The same way you pay in with a Visa Debit or Credit Card you can also withdraw using the same method, this is great for smaller winnings under $800.

  • Time: 12-24 hours
  • Fee: Free
  • Min Payout Limit: $20
  • Max Payout Limit: $800


Money Transfer ” Rapid Transfer”

Nice easy and very fast method of getting straight cash, Bovada uses all the well known names “Western union, Moneygram etc” to transfer you hard cold cash in the fastest possible times.

  • Time: 12-36 hours
  • Fee: $20 – $60 depending on amount.
  • Min Payout Limit: $100
  • Max Payout Limit: $1,000 each

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Bank Wire

Bank wires are best left for large cash out’s, although from experience these usually take just a few days, they can sometimes take longer “up to 10 days”.

  • Time: 2-10 Days
  • Fee: one free payout per month then $50 per wire
  • Min Payout Limit: $1,500
  • Max Payout Limit: $10,000 each wire


Couriered Check

This is another great way of getting medium to large winnings, a fedex or ups delivered check to your door available to cash immediately at your local bank.

  • Time: 2-4 Days
  • Fee: 1 free payout per month then $50 each check
  • Min Payout Limit: $50
  • Max Payout Limit: $3,000 each check