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3D Slots

Slot machines, we’ve all played them; be it standalone, handheld or may be even online? And while it may be fun to play at first, it may become a little repetitive and downright boring to be

honest. Of course it’s fun when you win regardless, but how about winning and having a whole new style of playing thrown your way?

slots no deposit $22That’s when we here at Wonder Punter discovered the excitement of 3D slot machines or just simple slots as we call them. These new 3D slots enhance your playing experience to make it much more exciting by using amazing graphics and in whole, create a whole new overall style of play while making money! Here is we here at Wonder Punter recommend in 3D slots…

SLOTS L.V is our number one casino to play when it comes to 3D slots ( They use the latest technology and Betsoft gaming software to bring amazing animations and sounds and with frequent new releases, you’re always up to date with the latest and best when it comes to 3D slots.

What are 3D slots?

Simply put, a 3D slot machine is any game that utilizes some sort of technique to create a “3D” effect during the game. Now, this doesn’t mean to expect the same type of imaginary 3D effects you 3dslots_screenshotwould expect to see when watching a movie in 3D (but there is one exception which is noted below). In order to qualify as a 3D slot, the game must be above the others in order to stand out from the rest of the pack.

In order for this to work, the game will use computer-animated graphics which will enhance certain elements of a scene to stand out. The characters themselves may move about against a 2D background, or objects may appear suddenly closer to the screen. You also may experience animated sequences before the game starts or maybe part of a bonus round.

Examples of 3D Slots

Let’s cut to the chase…the best 3D slots in the world belong to Betsoft. The makers of Betsoft are head and shoulders above the competition and have truly pioneered the world of 3D slots machines, offering the latest and best innovative features and graphics in the world today and remain on the cutting edge of 3D slot machine technology!

Here is just a few of the most popular 3D slots that you’ll find from Betsoft as these are amongst the best of the best when it comes to online slots:

2 Million bc: This game tends to be the top slots game of most online casinos, one of the most popular with rich 3d graphics and big prizes, it’s a 5 Reel game with 30 lines giving you plenty of combo moves for those that like to experiment.

A Night in Paris: Another big game that takes this 5 reel slot game into adventure, if you like an adventure while playing slots then this game does exactly just that. play the night away with 30 lines and instant coin win prizes.night in paris

Heist: Hailed as one of the most cinematic of the Betsoft 3D slots. The game of Heist features two main characters; a bank thief that is highly successful and the cop that is on his tail with one mission in mind… to stop him. This game will thrust you into both sides of good and bad where you’ll see the scenarios play out from both sides. But no matter what side of the law you’re on… you’ll be the one who walks off the cash.

The Slothfather: To many, perhaps the most famous 3D slot machine of all time. The Slothfather is built around a world where an Italian mobster (the Slothfather himself) and his gang of hoodlums control the city’s slot machine racket.The game itself is replicated after the Godfather and brings tons of different mafia tropes.

Black Gold: If Texas is your thing then this game is for you! Ride along as Texas barons are after the next big score! Once inside the bonus rounds, you will be cast in and around oil wells, leaving no shortage of wealth to be found in this game.



Mobile 3D Slots

That’s right.. you can now play 3d Slots with high resolution graphics wherever you are, no need to fire up the dusty old pc just load up via your smartphone or tablet and play instantly with nop download required. BannerImage


Advantages of playing 3D slots

Well everything is fun when it’s in 3D! Immerse yourself in the splendor of the technology and graphics in 3D to create an experience like no other that will take hold of your senses and sight bringing the online gaming experience to a whole new level!

Watch as the game comes to life behind the 3D graphics and even more with 3D glasses if you dare?

Betsoft 3D games also have a cinematic touch that just makes everything truly unique such as voice acting and original songs in a way even so that you may even forget you are playing for money as you enjoy the fun. And now with the technology that is ahead of the game, you can enjoy these fan favorites on a mobile device and all in 3D. What are you waiting for?

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