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Unlike casinos where the game of blackjack is a dime a dozen, many people ask if the game of blackjack safe to play online? We here at Wonder Punter will break down what you, the client needs to know before embarking in online blackjack playing.

Safely play Blackjack OnlineFirst, let us be clear, there are some risks involved for USA based players who wish to play Online Blackjack for money. Understand blackjack or 21 as it is also referred to is a game of chance and there are risks involved just like any other game, especially online. An individual must be able to make a calculated risk and understand the danger of losing real money not just on a single hand but an entire session of playing due to poor and careless play.

The bigger concern when playing blackjack online is the hidden dangers one may not be aware of and if not noticed can wipe out your hard earned bankroll and/or make the game of actually playing worthless all together. Let’s us give you eight simple guidelines to follow to help you guard against potential losses before the game is even played; let’s just call this an even playing field as we want to help you eliminate variables that have nothing to do with the actual playing of blackjack itself.

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Choose a Trustworthy Gaming Site

Look for the long-established Online Casino Reviews as those are the most trustworthy. Take a look at the gaming software they use. Are they affiliated with leading software providers? If so, rest assured you are in good hands and do not have to fear of them being one of those fly-by-night operations that slipped through the cracks and would like nothing better to “steal” your money with clever promotions, then when it comes time to collect is nearly impossible.

When that time comes to select the online casino of your choice for blackjack play; double check right here at Wonder Punter with our Recommended Online Casino list as each has been vetted and verified for fair play and most important to you… quick and easy instant payouts!

Know when to cash out

betonline-live-blackjack- dealerWhen deciding which casino you want to join, it is important that you understand how to get paid when it comes time to collect your winnings. For ex: Just because let’s say you can deposit money to open an online account through PayPal doesn’t mean the online casino pays you back that way. Nothing worse than having a winning pot you cannot collect on.

An easy way to find the answer on deposits and payouts and more is to simply read over the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section of that website. The FAQ section will detail all the specifics you need to know before going forward such as; methods of withdrawal, wait time, minimum amount needed to cash out, any fees and what proper documentations are needed by you to collect your winnings. Though, it may seem bothersome to provide proof of who you are, it is necessary to combat and prevent fraud. If the entire process sounds to complicated and bothersome to collect your winnings… stay away!

Check the Terms & Conditions

terms-and-conditions (1)USA blackjack players; be aware of the fine print when it comes time to collect as certain restrictions may prevent you from an immediate withdraw. Ex: Winnings are “subject to a forty times (40X) play-through requirement before funds can be withdrawn from the casino account.” This ploy often coincides with a promotion such as a new player welcome package or a deposit matching bonus. Familiarize yourself with all the online casino details before signing up for any “free cash” or similar promotions.

Use a reliable Computer or Mobile Device- Stay up-to-date with all the latest software to safeguard yourself from from any unforeseen problems that may arise as you are playing. Last thing you want as a player is to see your computer crash or freeze-up while you have nice pot sitting in front of you.

Take Precautions

Namely– identity theft. Protect and safeguard all your online gaming passwords the same way you would do for online banking. Do you trust others using your computer or mobile device? Did you sign out completely from the online casino? Are you using the proper software to protect against “viruses” and spyware? Online gaming sites can only do so much to protect you; it’s up to you as well to protect all sensitive information.

Avoid Problems with the Taxman

As with anything else that involves gambling and winnings– you are expected to pay taxes on your winnings to the proper agencies in your country. Keep proper and accurate records to protect and your winnings; last thing you want is a financial headache?

Don’t become addicted

Gambling addiction is serious and if not prevented or treated can have serious consequences on a person’s livelihood. Please be aware of the common signs of gambling addiction and take action… get help! Gamcare and Gamblers Anonymous are available at your disposal. Remember, if you don’t know when to walk away or the fun of playing is no longer there and worst, are you making irrational decisions when playing… it may be time to ask yourself if you need help?

Is Live USA Blackjack at the online casino Safer?

Simply know and understand the risks when it comes to playing blackjack. Know the game in itself, the etiquette and standards of playing the game to give yourself the best chance of winning.
Many online casinos have live dealers to enhance your experience… the same rules apply just if you were face to face at an actual table.

Real time software lower the chance of bad experiences and in today’s world you can see the whole Casino play out live as if you were actually there.

The Best USA Blackjacks Sites Online

Look for certificates, licenses and/or seals of approval and endorsements given by online gaming governing bodies and/or watchdogs groups to ensure the legitimacy of the online casino.

Here are our recommendations that hold the highest rankings for online players and have fast payouts and high limits. Click through and check out the bonuses some have free play so you can check out the software before you decide to join.

Is it legal to play Blackjack for Real Money?

As with any gaming and gambling websites, understand all the risks and legalities. In the USA it is important to know that online blackjack playing is in a legal grey zone. If unsure of the legality or have questions or have concerns, seek the proper guidance.

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