How to win at slots in an Online Casino


When it comes to the world of online casinos, the choices are endless and may be a bit confusing if you’re new to the online gaming world. We here at Wonder Punter will do all the legwork for you in explaining all you need to know when it comes to choosing the best online slots available and more importantly… HOW TO WIN!

First thing to understand is online slots in nothing like the slot machines, slots or “one-armed bandits” that we call them that you will find in a local pub or bar floor. Those slot machines that we have grown accustomed to is ‘you vs. machine’ and those slot machines are programmed or set to payout at a level of around 82%; meaning the machine will pay out a winner of $82.00 for every $100.00 put into it.

We may of all seen it when a customer drops a boatload of money into slot machine then walks away a loser only to have the next person drop in a few bucks and collect? That’s because the machine is full and needs to payout… and you just so happen to be the “lucky”one on the end of that windfall.

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With online slots, that method of payouts simply doesn’t work and neither do the slots you will find in Las Vegas for example as they work the same with online slot machines. But rather than bore you with the specifics of how online and Vegas slots work, to keep it simple they work on a Random Number Generator that picks a various combination of numbers that corresponds to reel numbers; of course there are lot of low paying symbols to pick from but just one for the jackpot or wildcard symbols. So, in short… are online slots really random?


As we continue to grow our online casino presence here at Wonder Punter, we invite you to review our online guides and strategies when it comes to giving you that extra advantage to being a consistent WINNER versus the online slots. One important discovery we have come to know about online slots is that they are not totally random; and this is due to the many patterns we have witnessed and recorded in our experiences with online slots.

Ask yourself this question: How is it possible for an online casino to state that their slots payout between 96%-99% for example? It’s because actual authority companies test these machines then record their findings in official audited statements. With that said, the best way to actually win playing online slots is knowing exactly which machines are HIGH, MID or LOW variance… something the most casinos don’t advertise.

A high variance machine for example will pay out less often than you want but will hit very big in runs.


Important! Keep in mind these 5 steps we are about to explain will not get you rich overnight but please understand these 5 steps so that you can increase your chances of being a daily winner when it comes to online slots.

  1. Choose the right online casino for you (this is important as we will explain below)
  2. For USA players you will need a Debit or Credit Card (Prepaid cards will also work but check beforehand with the Casino)
  3. Choose high variance machines and play at high stakes (don’t be afraid)
  4. Many and all casinos will give you a BONUS (choose your favorite)
  5. Don’t treat your online slot playing experience as hobby… you’re playing to win! (treat it as such)

Choosing the right online casino: We all want our winnings as soon as possible so play online casinos that pay out your winnings in less than 24 hours to your ewallets and make sure these casinos don’t use the reverse withdrawal options; this is vital as you will want to be able to move between different casinos and along with it your money so you can build on it. The following slot software providers are what we recommend– Realtime Gaming, Betsoft, Playtech and Net Entertainment. We recommend ignoring all others

Here is the BEST list of online casinos and their software providers that pay out fast winnings and don’t have annoying reverse withdrawal periods and the best part– most don’t require any identification documents to cashout!

Payouts: Want your money quick and pain free as possible? In the USA the options are limited, But most Online Casinos will happily pay winnings instantly back to your Card,by Wire or Fast Couriered Check “Best for those that win large amounts”, For players from Canada, UK, Europe, Australia etc payments can be deposited and withdrawn immediately using an Ewallet like Neteller or Skrill. By far the best and fastest method “Especially for High Rollers” Is BitCoin.

Play High Variance Slots at High Stakes– Keep in mind you need to play at stakes of at least 0.90 per spin, 2.00 for Net Entertainment slots. EX: If you deposit $100 then look for slots that play at no lower than $1.80 per spin. Remember, You want to hit these slots hard as you will be playing high variance and high stakes wanting big wins, cashing out and then moving on.

Select the best Casino BONUS: Taking advantage of welcome casino bonuses are an excellent way to boost your bankroll/balance, which will allow you to hit the slots hard BUT they do come with playthrough requirements. Hitting these playthrough requirements are not difficult to achieve if playing on high stakes on slots.

Play to win: If you are in it to win it… you cannot treat this as a hobby and expect to live the life of riley. A reasonable expectation is to cash out $1000 for every $100 deposited. Hit your target, cash out but leave a bit of money in to hit the slots hard one last time.

Make a living playing slots and earn a real INCOME;

Build yourself to around 10 online casinos that you can play regularly that pay out fast, while always checking for reload bonuses on ongoing casino promotions. A good goal to shoot for is to win from playing online slots every 3 sessions. EX: If your target is $1000 winnings from $100 deposit and you play 9 casinos a day then your payday will be $3000 WON from $900 deposited…. that’s over a $2000 payday! I can live with that…


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