Colin Kaepernick: Status Update + Season-Long Picks


The start of the NFL season is getting closer with each day. Despite the coronavirus getting worse in the United States. There is no indication as to why the NFL season won’t start as planned. There are some exciting developments regarding Colin Kaepernick. He found his way back to the spotlight during the George Floyd protests. He’s hoping for the league to change a little bit. Maybe now is the right time to start thinking about his NFL career, and which team he’ll join. You can bet on the NFL at our instant withdraw USA sportsbooks online.


Multiple NFL Candidates

At the moment, it seems that there are a few teams that will take Kaepernick on board. Most probably we could make a case for a few as the George Floyd saga unfolds. Sure, we reckon Kaepernick will play for one of the stronger teams. It will enable him to have a legitimate shot in the overall standings.

The Houston Texans might just be the best team for Kaepernick. The team’s coach, Bill O’Brien, said he intends to kneel during the national anthem throughout the NFL season. The social stock of the Texans would only rise with Kaepernick playing for them.

However, the Texans aren’t the favorites. So Kaepernick might prefer talks with the Baltimore Ravens. They are the favorites in the betting at +200. Those who fancy the Texans can have a punt at +400. If you are looking for a team that Kaepernick might pick. You might want to have a punt on the Tennessee Titans. We reckon he will fit well into the team’s line-up and overall team culture. The Titans are on the lookout for an experienced QB backup for quite some time now. And, Kaepernick is perfect for the role.


Talks and Deals

We know there are plenty of teams that want to sign Kaepernick for the upcoming season. Everything is secretive at this point, and we can’t blame him. Suppose he wants to wait for the political situation to settle down before he notifies the public. After all, he’s very much a public figure at this point. Perhaps so big that he doesn’t feel too comfortable.


Fairytale Thoughts?

Despite recent developments. We might not see Kaepernick back on the field until he signs a deal and until the new season starts. Many sportsbook live bettors are uncertain about his future. We’ve seen some voices being way too fairy-tale-like. Yes, there’s a good chance that he will return and have an impact on a few matches. However, we’ve seen commentators suggest that they nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Alas, it’s a bit too much for us.


Super Bowl Winner Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers

With the season still a few months away from its start. We’re already thinking about the opening matches. We do, however, have some outright picks at juicy odds. For starters, the Pittsburgh Steelers are our top underdog pick for the Super Bowl at +2200.

And the reason for that? Well, it’s the team’s defensive line-up that’s perhaps the best in the entire league. It could work wonders if everything clicks together. As the saying goes, offense wins games, but defense wins championships. Why not have a punt on that ringing true in the next season?

In T. J. Watt, they have a star player that can stay in the spotlight for the entire season. If Bud Dupree and Cameron Heyward back him. The Steelers will be a force of note, especially if Stephon Tuitt doesn’t sustain any serious injury. It could be asking too much, but +2200? Count us in!


NFC Championship Winner Pick – Seattle Seahawks

If you want to pick an underdog in the NFC Championship. We think that the Seahawks could be worth a punt at +1000. Thing is, the Seahawks have a hidden gem in Russell Wilson. He can do severe damage if they allow him to play as he sees fit. Whether that’s going to happen or not is anyone’s guess. Of course, the coaches have enough time to build the team around his strengths.

The time is now right for him to lift the team to new heights. In terms of raw talent, there aren’t many exciting names in the NFC. He’s up for the challenge and works out a lot in the public lately. He’s got a good team to back him up, so +1000 doesn’t make much sense to us all things considered!

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