Ultimate Free Spins Online Slots Guide

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    Nowadays online slot machines for real money are popular than ever before. If you are wondering why it’s because no other casino game online offers you Free Spins! So, what exactly are free spins and how do you earn them when you play a slots at online casinos? In this ‘Ultimate Free Spins Online Slots Guide‘. The Wonderpunter team tells you how you can earn those elusive free spins to boost your bankroll into next week. And, why slot machines offer them.

    For lack of a better word, there are a plethora of slot machines online. You can play slots with fantasy, cartoon-like, adventure, Western, animal, Megaways, safari, mythological, ancient Egyptian and fruity themes. Apart from their arresting themes, jackpots, and RTPs. They do have one thing in common, they offer you free spins! No wonder why online casinos love to offer slots bonuses because the majority of their games are slots!

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    What Are Free Spins?

    Interestingly around 95% of all the slots online offer Free Spins. What exactly are Free Spins, and why do slot machine developers like Betsoft offer them? The free spins go by many names. Some online casino gamblers call them bonus spins, free falls, or free bets. Basically, it’s a bunch of ‘Free’ spins that’s on the house, or so to speak. Before you can get your hands on those elusive free spins you must earn them! How do you earn those free spins and how do you know which slot game offers them?


    How To Trigger Slots With Free Spins

    If a slot machine has a free spins feature we’ll tell you about it in our online slots reviews. Alternatively, you can click on the slot machine’s Paytable or Help Screen. The paytable contains all the pertinent information about the slot game. Not only does it tell you if it has a Free Spins feature. It also tells you about the game’s symbols, its RTP, jackpot, and various bonus rounds.

    More importantly, it tells you which special symbols you need to trigger the free spins feature. Sounds easy? Luckily it is not as complicated as it sounds, but it’s not that simple either. The free spins are usually the slot machine’s most important bonus round. It’s not only the place where you’ll earn your free spins. You can win the game’s jackpot over here too. The size of the free spins jackpot can be anything from 200x up to 80,000x your stake.

    The more volatile an online slot machine is the more difficult it is to initiate its free spins feature. Before you can trigger the free spins treasure trove. You need a special ‘key’ to unlock the free spins vault. This special key or symbol is the scatter symbol. How many spins must I make to trigger the Free Spins feature? Sometimes you can trigger the free spins within 20 spins. Or it can take you as much as 150 spins, maybe more. We’ve played slots where it took us more than 300 spins to unlock their free spins feature. Luckily they are very far and few in between. For the most part, it takes 50-70 spins to trigger the free spins feature. Rest assured the bigger the jackpot the Free Spins feature hides the more you have to grind to activate it.

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    What Are Free Spins Scatters?

    The scatter symbol can be a hat, the Free Spins logo, a car, a sun disk, it can be anything. To trigger the Free Spins you need a minimum of 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 scatter symbols. For the sake of brevity, we’ll keep it simple since we don’t want to overcomplicate matters. Now that you know which special symbols (scatters) you need to trigger the Free Spins. The number of free spins you’ll receive is proportionate to the scatters. How so? For example, when 3 scatters pitch you’ll get 10 free spins while 4 scatters offer you 15 free spins. You get the idea, not so?


    Free Spins Scatter Pays

    Just so you know there are slots online for real money that offer you scatter pays. In other words when 2 or more scatters appear you’ll receive a payout. More to the point. As experts slots enthusiasts we want to see a bunch of scatters on the reels because they usually pay well.


    Can I Re-trigger The Free Spins?

    Of course, you can. Let’s say 3 scatters pitch and they award you with 10 Free Spins. Should another 3 or more scatters appear whilst the free spins is active. You’ll gain another 10 free spins which takes your total free spins tally to 20. Bear in mind, not every slot game allows you a re-trigger. Some offer you indefinite re-triggers while some offer you three of five. There are slot games where you can win a staggering 150 free spins! This is why the Free Spins feature is the jewel in the online slot machine’s crown.


    Free Spins With Wilds and Multipliers

    We love free spins because there’s so much to them then what meets the eye. And, yes online slots offer you something special in their free spins such as progressive multipliers and wilds. The size of the multiplier in the Free Spins ranges from 1x, 2x, 3x, up to a maximum of 20x.

    It gets even better! See, the thing is some online slots for real money combine those multipliers. Meaning, the sum of all the multiplier values can be as high as 60x! When you hit a multiplier of that size the payout will be astronomical. Otherwise, every time you score a winning combination in the Free Spins, the multiplier value increases by 1+.

    Even if the Free Spins don’t always offer you multipliers they make up for this by offering you wilds. We’re not just talking about the standard wild that substitutes adjacent symbols in winning combos. You get expanding wilds, walking wilds, and sticky wilds. When the expanding wild appears in the free spins it expands to cover an entire reel. The next wild is the walking wild. The walking wild shifts across the reels. It can be from left to right on each free spin until it drops off the reels. The last wild is the sticky wild. When it pitches it sticks to the reels like glue while the reels spin again. We forgot to mention the Wild Reels. Essentially you can get a full screen of wilds that houses the jackpot of the game in the free spins.


    Free Spins Buy Option

    The ‘newer’ generation of slots for real money online attach a ‘Buy Option’ to their Free Spins. Strictly speaking, if you don’t have the patience to wait for three or more scatter symbols to appear. You can trigger the free spins immediately. Bit, there is a small catch though. This little luxury costs 70x to 100x your stake, and it’s not a guarantee that you’ll win the money back. A good example of a slot machine with a free spins Buy Option is Majestic Megaways.


    Free Spins With Cascading Wins

    We are seeing an increase in Free Spins features with a Cascading System. The original symbols that appeared in the winning combination disappear from the reels. While new symbols replace them that drop in for the top. Long story short, you can score plenty of wins on the same free spin. Aztec Bonanza employs the Tumble Reel or Cascading System.


    Final Word

    As you can see the Free Spins bonus round has so many facets it boggles our minds. Whether you’re a low, medium or high roller there’s a Free Spins feature for you! Where possible always play a slot machine for real money that has a free spins feature. Because this is where they usually hide the big wins and their jackpots!

    Free Spins FAQs

    What Are Free Spins In Online Slot Machines?

    As the name implies free spins are well just free spins. They don't cost you a dime, but it can be slightly misleading because to trigger the Free Spins feature takes anything from 20 spins up to 300 spins. The cost associated with each spin can be £$0.10 to £$150. So, if it takes you 50 spins at an average bet of $1 per spin. It will cost you $50 to trigger the free spins feature.

    How Do I Trigger A Slot Game's Free Spins Feature?

    You can trigger the free spins in a slot machine through 3 or more scatters. Or you can enable the buy feature at a cost of 70x to 100x your stake.

    How Many Free Spins Do Slots Online Offer?

    Slot machines offer 5 to 50 free spins on the initial trigger. The good news is that players can gain extra free spins when 2 or more scatters re-appear on the reels in the free spins. Some slot machines offer you in excess of 150 free spin re-triggers while some don't. Furthermore, slot machines also offer you four free spins options. - you must pick one. Each free spin option is low, medium, high or in-between. The latter free spins can be anything from low to high variance. The low variance free spins option offers you plenty of free spins with a small multiplier. While the high variance free spins offer you few free spins but the multipliers are big.

    Do Free Spins Have Extra Features?

    Yes, they do. The free spins bonus rounds in slots online can have progressive multipliers of up to 20x, sticky, expanding, and walking wilds. Some of them can even have wild reels or a Bonus Wheel. The Bonus Wheel has different free spins segments. You must spin the wheel to see how many free spins you'll receive.

    Can I Re-trigger The Free Spins When I Play Slots Online For Real Money?

    You can re-trigger the free spins should another 2, 3 or more scatters appear.

    Do Online Casinos Offer Free Spins On Selected Slots?

    Online casinos offer you free spins to play the newest slots for real money. They usually have a time-stamp on them, wagering requirements and you can only win a maximum of $100 with them.

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