Frog Fortunes Slot Review

    forg fortunes

    Frog Fortunes is a real money Vegas slot from Realtime Gaming (RTG). RTG slots are among the most popular at USA online casinos, even across the world. They can be a lot of fun, but some of them also come with a few flaws. So what about Frog Fortunes.

    The grid of Frog Fortunes is standard with its 5 reels and 3 rows. You’ll be getting a whopping 243 ways to win, though. This configuration is in conjunction with a soft math model; so you’ll be getting many payouts throughout.

    The one big disappointment comes with the top jackpot, though. It’s as low as 150x the stake. As a result, it pales in comparison with what many other RTG online slots offer. It’s up to you if you accept its deal of low volatility and low jackpot or if you prefer tougher games, though.

    The theoretical RTP of Frog Fortunes is somewhere in the average range for RTG slots, which means 96%. You can enjoy the game for many different stakes as well, though high rollers won’t find much joy given the low top payout.



    Frog Fortunes takes all players on a rainforest journey, with at least one frog staying with you at all times. It’s an atmospheric affair, we’ll give Realtime Gaming that. The audiovisuals are above average as well, with there being no card symbols insight.

    That’s a welcome change and you can look forward to the low pays and high pays. The low pays are generic with their gems of various colors, but we’ll take everything over card ranks and suits. The high pays are about animal masks that complement the theme. It’s not the best thing we’ve ever seen, mind you, but it’s a refreshing change of tone for RTG and that’s excellent.


    Exploding Symbols and Cascading Reels

    The main and only gameplay feature of Frog Fortunes is based around its Exploding Symbols. These are special symbols that can land anywhere on the playing field at any point. They come with a countdown that runs from ten to zero and they trigger an effect once they hit the latter point. An exciting feature, eh – where else have you seen guaranteed effects with such a specific timing?

    Once a countdown runs down for an Exploding Symbol, it’s going to explode and fill a couple of positions with random symbols. If you get a win from those, you’ll move to the Cascading Reels Feature. This feature will start removing winning symbols from the board while giving you new ones to work with.

    This can lead to a chain of wins, of course, of the likes we’ve seen before. This feature continues for as long as you keep on getting wins. Then, the grid will go back to its basic setup and you’ll have to wait for another Exploding Symbol to kick off a chain reaction of sorts.



    Frog Fortunes stands in stark contrast to many other RTG video slots, including the recent and exciting Cash Bandits 3. It is a low-volatility slot with a low jackpot and a soft mathematical model. Cash Bandits 3, on the other hand, is a high-volatility slot with a high jackpot and a tough mathematical model. It’s up to you which you prefer, but you can also mix and match during your sessions to get a semblance of balance.

    Standing on its own, Frog Fortunes is a straightforward 243 ways to win online slot with a single gameplay feature. It’s an interesting one with its countdowns and potential cascades, however. Each time one of the Exploding Symbols lands, you’ll know what you’ll be getting and when, which makes for an exciting ride.

    It’s not much, though, and Frog Fortunes runs out of its exciting bits a bit too soon for our liking. We would like to see RTG do more with the countdown mechanic, though. It’s a cool idea and this is a good trial of it, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for Realtime Gaming!

    What’s Hot

    – Refreshing theme

    – Pleasant mathematical model

    – Exploding Symbols with Cascading Reels

    What’s Not

    – Poor max win

    – Not that many gameplay features


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