GTBets vs. BetOnline Sportsbooks Compared

Staying inline with sportsbooks comparison, we will now focus GTBets versus BetOnline in this article as these two sportsbook heavyweights are a big part of the Wonder Punter family. We will go over what each sportsbook has to offer in the way of benefits so that you can make a sound decision in choosing the right one for you. These two online sports betting websites come highly recommended for being both trustworthy and reputable.


How Long in Business?

GTBets began their start in the sports betting industry in 2011, whereas BetOnline was established in 2004.


Best Bonuses?

New to GTBets? They offer a strong initial bonus for players new to the game of sports betting with a 100% bonus match up to $250 with a 5x rollover and a 50% bonus match up to $500. Have a favorite team? GTBets has a unique “points” promotion on your favorite teams.

BetOnline offers their own Welcome Bonus of 50% up to $2,500.


Best Odds/Best Lines?

Both sportsbooks for the most part are inline with another when it comes to the betting lines, however, you may find on occasion that GTBets offers better odds on underdog teams, therefore giving you a better value on your bet.


Best Interface?

With GTBets, you will quickly notice a basketball feel with their black and orange mobile betting interface, but will soon find that their website is solid and easy to navigate.

Needing a much-needed software upgrade in order to compete with their online mobile betting interface, that is exactly what BetOnline got in 2016 to improve upon the quality of their overall website.


Betting Types?

Both sportsbooks offer plenty in the way of betting options to keep you satisfied.


  • Straight Bets
  • Spread
  • Total
  • Parlays
  • Progressive Parlays
  • Moneyline Betting
  • Reverses
  • Teasers
  • Halftime Betting
  • Quarter Betting
  • Round Robbins
  • Point Buys/Sells
  • IF Bets
  • Futures
  • Props

With BetOnline, they cover all the basics as well as these unique betting types

  • 15 Team Parlay
  • Vegas Mixed Teasers (football, basketball)
  • Special Teasers
  • 21-Point Teasers


Mobile Betting?

You will be easily impressed with each of the sportsbooks mobile betting interface as these sportsbooks require no download while delivering an interface that will adapt perfectly to fit any size screen on your mobile device. Once on their mobile interface, you will find plenty of betting options much like their desktop versions. Laying down a bet on your mobile device is quick and easy as the websites themselves can be bookmarked and/or saved right to your homescreen.



No shortage of games with these two sportsbooks as they offer a casino lineup that includes Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and more as well as tournament play.



Here is the list for each but are encouraged to visit each sportsbook to get a better idea of all the current options for Deposits and Withdrawals.


  • Visa/Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Bitcoin
  • Pre-Paid Credit Card
  • Direct Cash
  • Quick Cash
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Wire


  • Visa/MC
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Cash
  • Bank Wire
  • Book to Book
  • Diners Club
  • Western Union
  • Money Order
  • Person to Person
  • JCB
  • ATM Only Card (Withdrawal)
  • Check by Mail, Courier or Express (Withdrawal)

Bitcoin for your deposits, withdrawals and all your betting needs will continue to be our recommendation of currency for all your sportsbook needs.


Countries Accepted

GTBets and BetOnline are open to US players, which make these sportsbooks highly attractive. Please note, it is recommend to be aware of any and all restrictions in your jurisdiction when it comes to online sports betting.


In Conclusion

GTBets is a no-nonsense, straightforward sportsbook that offers solid bonuses and promotions, while BetOnline has made great strides since overhauling their software in 2016. Plenty in the way from each when it comes to the benefits as well as being trustworthy and reputable, both GTBets and BetOnline are highly recommended from us here at Wonder Punter.