How To Bet On Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most popular baseball league. Baseball fans and sports punters from across the world watch it. With such a huge following, it’s no wonder that the MLB betting markets are buzzing with activity. This is why we are here with our guide to betting on MLB.

How to Bet on Major League Baseball

Let’s start with the good news first. Betting on MLB is now easier than ever before as you don’t need to visit any betting shops or do any complicated stuff. Instead, all you need to do is to find a trustworthy online sports betting site.

Open an account, deposit some money, and place your bets. It is as easy as that. Furthermore, you can place your bets in a matter of minutes! You can bet on MLB with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any virtual currency. Bitcoin especially is popular with online sports bettors from the United States. You can withdraw as much as $BTC10,000 in a single transaction. The best sportsbook online for live bettors from the USA is MYBOOKIE. Once you sign up you’ll receive a sportsbook bonus to bet on your favorite MLB team.


Where To Bet MLB?

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Types of Bets

The first thing you need to know before you dive into the world of MLB betting is the various bets. You see, there are tens of different markets that one can bet on these days. Although it’s true that not all of them are available at all sports betting sites. You need to be aware of them nonetheless.


Moneyline bets are bets on which one of the two teams will be the winner. Regardless of how many innings they play. Moneyline bets are the most popular by a decent margin. In terms of side bets, it’s possible to bet on the winners of specific innings or several first innings.


Runline bets are handicap bets that allow you to back teams with a particular handicap, usually 1.5 runs. It means that your chosen team has to win by two or more runs (if you’ve backed it on a -1.5 runs handicap). Or, not lose by two or more runs (if you’ve backed it on a +1.5 runs handicap). In terms of side bets, it’s also possible to bet on higher handicaps (2.5 runs, 3.5 runs, etc.).


Totals are bets on how many runs a team will score in a given match. If the set line is, say 8.5 runs, players have to go Over. In other words, bet that there will be nine or more runs or Under. Therefore, bet that there could be eight or fewer runs. By way of side bets, you can also bet on Team Totals. So, you guess the number of runs one of the teams will score or Innings Totals. The latter is the number of runs a team will score over a certain amount of innings).


Prop bets are bets on various minor things that usually concern individual players. There are now quite a few of these bets on offer for nearly every single match. They come to the fore, particularly during the playoffs.


Parlays are bets on multiple moneylines or runlines that you can put together to increase the overall odds (and therefore the potential payout) of your bet. All these moneylines and runlines have to win for the bet to win.


Futures and Live Betting

oddsLive sports bettors that want to go even further with their betting can consider exploring futures and live betting. Futures are long term bets that run through more than just a single match. At the start of the season, you can bet on how many times you think a team will win during a season. Futures tend to offer very juicy odds. Bear in mind they take a while to yield a result. As such, they might not be a favorable option because it takes a while before players receive their money. Live betting is then a complete opposite of futures, as live betting allows players to bet on matches that are running. Live betting is excellent for players that enjoy watching events live. They can see specific trends, as there are all sorts of bets.


Baseball Betting Concepts

Once you start your MLB betting venture, pay special attention to the more advanced baseball concepts. Baseball is an incredibly deep sport. So much so each concept deserves its own article.

Pitchers – Starting pitchers are the most crucial element in most matches, and one can spend many long days and nights discovering what precisely each of them excels at and how that matches against certain types of hits. These types of match-ups are something that isn’t all that obvious at first glance, but it’s precisely this type of hidden mechanics that can get you a nice edge value-wise.

Fatigue – Fatigue, both short term and long term, is also a crucial concept that often leads to soft losses, especially whenever teams have a few injured players and other such problems. If you can anticipate will team will run out of steam. Consider yourself an expert

Umpires – Even though the actual line-ups of the two teams are essential in baseball. Referees play a surprisingly significant role in how skewed some of the decisions sometimes are. If you are willing to sift through the data, we can guarantee that you’re going to find some fascinating correlations and that you are going to be able to use them in some way.


Final Word

All in all, betting on MLB is an exciting sport betting discipline. Of course, the popularity of MLB is enormous. Sportsbooks online care about it so much that it’s tough to get a substantial betting edge. The good news is if you know the basics of MBL betting. You can win a substantial amount of money.

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