Is Betting On eSports The Future of Betting?


If there’s one thing we learned from the coronavirus pandemic, you must always expect the unexpected. It had a dire impact on the entire sports betting industry. Online sportsbook bettors could only bet on a few sporting events per day. As a result, eSports became the next logical choice for live betting. This article tells you if eSports betting is the future of the digital age. And, if it will surpass the real sports betting industry.

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What Are eSports?

First of all, what is eSports? eSports are competitive computer or console games that garner a lot of interest. The various eSports leagues and tournaments now attract sponsors and mainstream attention. It’s hard to find a clear-cut category on eSports. However, it’s safe to say you can divide them into real sports and eSports. The former category counts in sports like FIFA, NHL, or NBA. While the latter includes games like Starcraft 2, Dota 2, or League of Legends.

“Despite these obstacles, esports betting seems poised more for growth than stagnation. That said, you can expect to see more and more video-game gambling offered in the near future.” Thesportsgeek

These eSports are remarkedly different from actual sports. They have competitive elements that allow the best players to outperform the rest of the field. Luck and chance are seldom present because esports requires a lot of skill. On the whole, it eliminates randomness unless you’re betting on an esports card game like Hearthstone.


Did eSports Evolve?

Unlike regular sports, eSports has a short history. We can’t pinpoint how the craze started. Our best guess is that it started with games such as Starcraft and Counter-Strike. While the former strategy game took off in Asia, Counter-Strike was popular primarily in the West. Interestingly, both are still popular eSports games.

The real revolution in eSports came with the release of Dota 2 in 2013. The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) was the first of its kind that gathered a large following. To make it more appealing to current esports bettors, developers continued to update it over the years. Esports game developers make their games as diverse and exciting as possible. On top of that, Dota 2 is ideal for betting since it allows plenty of side markets to exist.

Of course, Dota 2 is not the only game that’s popular with esports sportsbook bettors. There is something for everyone now. The vast majority of the games make provision for casual sportsbook bettors too. Card games like Hearthstone, for example, allow players to try their hands at everything with no investment whatsoever. To get to a competitive level requires a lot of hard work and money.


How Does The eSports Betting Scene Look?

Now that you know what eSports are, it’s time to look at what the eSports betting scene entails. You can now bet on eSports tournaments and real sports. USA online sportsbooks offer pre-match betting and live betting on eSports. There are even a few bookies that specialize in eSports and have expanded markets. Also, some sportsbooks dabble in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin betting. Live esports bettors who use Bitcoin can cash out payments of up to $BTC15,000 in a single transaction.

In terms of popularity, the Esports betting market will yield more than $12 billion at the end of the fourth quarter of 2020. The size and volume of the esports betting market is divers. For example, Asia is by far the biggest market. Thanks to the first edition of Starcraft, which became extremely popular in South Korea. Meanwhile, esports bettors in other parts of the world such as America and Europe, warm to it now.


What Is the Future of eSports?

Truth is the future of eSports remains a puzzle at best. There are no guarantees that it will go mainstream. Then again, the current financial figures speak for itself. Companies continuously develop new editions of the most popular sports games like FIFA and NHL. When it comes to other games, you never know what the next big thing will be. Popular sports like football, basketball, baseball, and even cricket won’t go away any time soon. The longevity of each eSports is always up for debate.

Games developers are aware that esports betting is the next big thing. Therefore, they’ll design games with a more significant market appeal, and that makes it easier for bettors to bet. With all this in mind, the future of betting on esports looks rosy. We believe it will grow in leaps and bounds. We don’t think it will overtake real sports betting any time soon. Yet, there is a possibility that it might pass the less popular sports.


Final Word

Although eSports is the next big thing in sports betting. It’s debatable whether it will be the future of betting. Or, how long it will remain in the shadow of real sports. eSports is so dynamic, and its popularity is growing by the day among the younger generation. The Coronavirus proved that anything could happen. Therefore, it gave the esports betting market a significant boost. It also ushered in a new way of betting on anything digital.

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