Joe Biden The Next US President? ( Betting Odds )

juoe biden betting

Although we are still a few months away from getting a new president over in the United States. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden consider their options for the upcoming campaign. We don’t know what exactly their plans are for now. But we do know that Joe Biden merits a close look before the betting starts. Our best USA online sportsbooks cover the latest political betting news.

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Betting on Joe Biden

Right now, Joe Biden is well ahead in the betting to the tune of -154 at most online sportsbooks. If the news is something to go by. His opponent will have a huge hill to climb if he wants to score a second term. Although Hillary Clinton was the favorite against Donald Trump four years ago. She lost in the end.

The current polls show Biden ahead by so many points that Clinton doesn’t even feature. The wheels are spinning but she’s going nowhere. There is the Trump factor having all sorts of crazy moves to pull off. Moreover, it makes him dangerous and only a +131 underdog at this point. Sadly, if he wants to remain in office he must pull the proverbial rabbit from the hat.


What to Look for

Now – betting on politics is a tricky venture. The odds will shift many times until Election Day. What can we expect? First of all, you should look for how Trump handles the fallout from the George Floyd protests. He’s making a mess out of things right now. But he still has a couple of weeks to do something constructive about it.

Second, it will be interesting to see what dirt Trump will pull up on Biden. Judging by his approach to the fight against Clinton; he will have a few Aces up his sleeves. Finally, it would help if we know Biden’s approach towards the presidential campaign. If he will become proactive instead of slating Trump all the time. To such an extent he’s waiting for Trump to make more mistakes that could very well backfire.

If you’d like to get even deeper into political betting. We reckon one should wait for the side markets to open since they have a few nice picks there. You can look at the VP side market for Biden. It’s quite open, and there are many different factors to consider!


VP Odds

Looking at the current odds. Online sportsbooks have about fifteen VP candidates listed. The odds generally start from about -150 and end at +10000. So there are a lot of possible picks indeed. Not all of those picks are equal. It’s safe to say that you can ignore Hillary Clinton and Tulsi Gabbard altogether. They are so potentially toxic that Biden could lose just by picking them. Common sense dictates that it’s a risk he won’t take, especially with such a comfortable lead!


VP Favorite

Kamala Harris is the -150 favorite at this point, and it’s easy to see why – she checks all the boxes. She’s been in a competitive race before, fighting against Biden not that long ago. That’s good. She’s a woman of color. Given the current political climate in the United States, it’s a smart move. She’s got a great background, being a lawyer and a politician. So what could go wrong? Well, not a lot – if Biden wants to play his hand as safely as possible. If he wants to risk a bit and polarize some voters, he has better choices at his disposal!


VP Underdogs

If you want to bet on something with value. Look at the likes of Val Demings, Susan Rice, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Stacey Abrams. We think that if Biden wants a shot at the title, he should change Keisha Lance Bottoms or Stacey Abrams. They might not have a huge mainstream appeal. But, they can energize various groups more than Biden can in the swing states. Why not go for such a pick? Stacey Abrams at +2500 could certainly be worth a punt on those grounds!

Should Biden want to go for something near the middle ground. Susan Rice and Val Demings are both safe options and without the baggage of Harris. While Val Demings is the best pick for Biden to ride the wave of the George Floyd protests. While Susan Rice has a lot of experience. We think that Val Demings at +450 and Susan Rice at +500 are the best value picks at the moment!

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