Best Live Betting Sites

With the continued advancement of technology in the online sports betting world, the ease in which to place a wager on the go or in the comfort of your home as never been easier. But, not stopping there when it comes to sportsbooks wanting to stay ahead of the competition, we have seen an increase in the latest feature that they offer on their websites and that is Live Betting.

The Live Betting feature on your mobile device or in-home computer fills a need for bettors who want to really to “up” their sports betting game as sports gambling is becoming more and more popular. Online sportsbooks sense this growing trend and have leveraged themselves with the ability to have bettors at a moments notice place a wager.

Though, still fairly new, this awesome feature not only brings excitement to the game right at your fingertips, but also adds a sense of pressure as you have just seconds to decide on a bet. Live Betting will help enhance your betting strategy as it will allow you bet on more prop betting as well as give you an opportunity to wager smaller bets. This all creates what shall be a more entertaining experience versus waiting on the outcome of a straight-up, moneyline or totals bet.

Top Live Betting Sites:

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How Does Live Betting Work:

Unlike regular sports betting which you should already be familiar with, Live Betting works just the same except at a more rapid pace such as the odds rapidly changing… not fixed as you are accustomed to? This is because you are betting live; you will see the odds and bets change with each inning, drive, play, set or round as you go. Some cool options you will have with Live Betting include who is the next team to score? Betting on the first and second half of a game, Will the total number of goals be odd or even?

These are just some examples of Live Betting options but will soon discover the dozens of live betting types you will have at your disposal for a single game, but you must act fast in some instances as the betting choices constantly change.

So now that you are up to speed on the basics of how Live Betting works, let’s go over the Top 3 sportsbooks that offer Live Betting that we have partnered with here at Wonder Punter:


Considered by many to be the number one sportsbook in the U.S., Bovada has established themselves as one of the elite sportsbooks in the industry with a betting product that is tough to compete with as they offer sports bettors great odds and promos when it comes to laying down a wager on the most popular sporting events.

And when it comes to live betting, thanks to their gamecenter-style interface, they make it easy for bettors to stay “in the know” with real time play-by-play updates, whether you’re betting on American sports or other sporting events from around the globe.

Once involved with live action betting with Bovada, they allow you to bet anywhere from a minimum bet of $1 to a maximum bet of $100 depending on how you want to spend your bankroll; stretch your money over an entire game or risk a higher amount for a higher win. Important to understand that once ready to indulge into Live Betting, you won’t have much time to decide a wager as the odds change during the course of a game. Good news is, Bovada has what’s called a Quick Bet Mode that allows you to place a wager with a single click, or you can elect to enter your own amount through five options and a space… but be careful because if you click on a wager you didn’t want, you cannot go back and change the bet.


Created in 2012 by a group of online gaming pioneers, MyBookie may still be considered a pup in the eyes of many, but make no mistake they have upheld their promise to deliver excellent service for players of all levels by offering an always selection of sports odds.

Along with having the sports industry’s Most Rewarding Loyalty Program and great bonuses on every deposit, MyBookie has made it their goal to become one of the world’s best sportsbooks by focusing on providing a unique, stress-free online gambling experience for each and everyone of their clients.

And when it comes to Live Betting, MyBookie is on par amongst the best in the business whether you’re at home or on the go with their anytime, anywhere mobile betting platform. Focused on players from the United States, MyBookie offers Live Betting on NFL and NCAA football where you will find vast options for in-game betting action.


Established in 2016, XBet has quickly set themselves apart by catering themselves as the best destination for “serious players.” Offering an excellent First Deposit Bonus along with great customer support, XBet has become a major player in the U.S. market.

Once inside the XBet website, you will be amazed with all the offerings when it comes to choices in betting not only on major sports such as the NFL and College Football, but international sports as well.

Backing what is perhaps one of the most comprehensive sportsbooks in the industry today, you can understand why their In-Play Betting section is no exception with their lighting quick in-game odds to keep you on your toes all making for what has them in the forefront of Live Betting.