Live Soccer Betting

live soccer betting

Online sports betting comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. Still, there’s little doubt that live soccer betting is the most popular discipline of all. Especially if it is during the English Premier League where tens of millions of live betting occur every single match day. Live soccer betting is the next big thing. So, let’s find out why, and we talk about interesting live soccer betting strategies.

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What Is Live Soccer Betting?

Live soccer betting is a discipline where soccer punters focus on pre-match soccer betting. It means they wait for the match to start before they place their bets. Once the match begins, online sportsbooks open a large variety of markets. Some of these options aren’t available for pre-match betting. Which means that there are a vast number of live soccer betting options. Most of the options remain on offer until the final whistle. As a result, you can bet throughout the entire match! Long story short, live soccer betting is betting on a soccer match while it’s in progress.


Pros and Cons of Live Soccer Betting

The main advantage of live soccer betting is it allows you to change your bets during a match. The opening odds of live soccer markets are higher than the odds of pre-match soccer markets. Given all that, it seems that there is only one real negative about live soccer betting. You have less time to think about your decisions. Therefore, if you look at the big picture, it’s convenient but also risky. The situation on the pitch changes with each passing second. Thing is, you need to be on your toes at all times and flexible.


Live Soccer Betting Strategies

There are all sorts of things in a live soccer match you can consider. The trick is to spot a winning soccer team early on and to bet on it even if it is behind. Homeground advantage is another important factor in live soccer betting. Alternatively, research which team is the best, and how complacent a team becomes as the match wears on. Betting on momentum is where you identify which team has the initiative, and more likely to score the next goal. Finally, you can bet on the total number of goals the teams will score.

Experienced live-soccer punters can immediately see whether a team plays to win or plays it safe for a draw. Now that you know what live soccer betting is. It’s time for us to get to the real meat of this article and talk about live soccer betting strategies. There are many kinds of approaches that you can take to live soccer betting. It certainly helps if you are observant. Do your research by reading online soccer columns, or watch the telly for the latest soccer info. Of course, it’s advantageous if you watch the match via a live stream. The latter option enables you to see the comments viewers post, which helps a lot. On the whole, if someone drops a valuable tip, you throw in an extra bet.


Live Soccer Bonuses

Will I receive a deposit bonus to bet on live soccer? Most online sportsbooks offer punters a match percentage to bet on soccer on their first deposit. The size of the match bonus can be 100% up to 150%. If the sportsbook offers a soccer bonus of 100% up to $100. It means that it will match your first deposit with a bonus of 100%. For argument’s sake, a deposit of $50 solicits a bonus of $50. There’s more to the bonus than meets the eye. Before you accept a bonus to bet on live soccer betting, read its terms. The rollover of the bonus is normally 10x. The sportsbook requests a minimum deposit of $20 or more, and you must provide the bonus code.



Live soccer sportsbooks offer loyal punters rewards every time they wager on soccer. The rewards range from special bonuses, free bets, cashback on losses, and comps.

Live Soccer Betting Strategy 1 – Comebacks

We delve into Comebacks and how to take advantage of the odds even if a soccer team is behind. You must be able to adjust your bets if a player scores the goal against the run of play. Is the home team capable and good enough for a comeback? The team that’s ahead on the scoreboard. Does it have a history of complacency? The gist of the matter is you must be flexible and adjust your live soccer bets that best suit you.

Live Soccer Betting Strategy 2 – Momentum Swings

Secondly, which of the two teams settles within a few minutes. In other words, which team gets into a rhythm and can score a goal quickly despite its handicap. This is especially juicy whenever the leading team is a strong one and leads by a goal or more. That’s when it can become complacent and allow the underdog to sneak in a win at enormous odds.

Live Soccer Betting Strategy #3 – Total Goals

The third idea is arguably the least risky since it’s all about the tempo of the game. Next, if the teams start to open things up. You can look at the Total Match Goal markets and see if they offer any value. Teams can also score goals in the dying minutes of the game at excellent odds. If the teams score goals early, it doesn’t always mean it will be a high-scoring game. Although the game starts at a blistering pace, teams can still draw the game at one goal apiece. Our advice to you is to stay calm, place your bets on what you see and not what’s likely to happen.


Live Soccer Betting Withdrawals

Now, for the all-important question. If I won money betting on live soccer. How do I cash out my winnings? If you bet via a European bookie it offers a host of banking methods. The most popular options are e-wallets (Skrill, PayPal, Neteller), Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire, and Paysafecard.

It’s a different story if you place your live soccer bets at a USA sportsbook. The reason being, they offer only a few deposit and withdrawal limits. Of which the best are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, XRP, and Ethereum. They also accept fiat currency payment solutions such as MST Gift Cards, Checks, and Bank Wire. They settle Bitcoin live soccer winnings of up to $BTC10,000 within minutes.

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