MLB News: Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross Opt-Out of Season

Although nobody knows how the upcoming MLB (Major League Baseball) season will look like. We understand that certain players don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Already opting out of what might turn out to be the weirdest season ever. Recently, Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross announced their opt-outs. Moreover, it makes things a bit tricky for the Washington Nationals! You can bet on the MLB at our top USA online sportsbooks.


Ryan Zimmerman

ryan zimmerman drop out

Ryan Zimmerman is one of the Nationals’ veteran players even though he’s past his prime. He had a significant impact on the team’s run in 2019. Therefore, it’s only logical that the team hopes he’ll help them within the coming months. However, at the end of June, Zimmerman announced that he wants to spend more time with his family. That includes three young children and a mother at high risk. It makes sense as to why he doesn’t want to risk anything at this stage. The takeaway is that his announcement does not include any retirement plans. Which is great and we can safely assume that he’ll be back in 2021.

“After a great deal of thought and given my family circumstances — three young children, including a newborn, and a mother at high risk — I have decided not to participate in the 2020 season,” Zimmerman, 35, said in a statement Monday. “… I cannot speak for anyone else, but given the unusual nature of the season, this is the best decision for my family, and I truly appreciate the [Nationals’] understanding and support.”

Joe Ross

“During this global pandemic, Mike and his family had many discussions about playing this season,” Leake’s agent, Danny Horwits, said in a statement. “They took countless factors into consideration, many of which are personal to him and his family. After thorough consideration, he has chosen to opt out of playing in 2020. This was not an easy decision for Mike. He wishes the best of luck and health to his Diamondbacks teammates this season and he’s looking forward to 2021.”

The other player that decided to leave the Nationals for a while is Joe Ross. Ross is one of the lesser pitchers in 2020 after his lukewarm performances in 2019 (4-4, ERA of 5.48).  Then again he has his reasons to want to stay on the safer side of things health-wise. So, it makes kinda sense as to why he opts out. Him taking a break could motivate someone else to fill in for a while. As a result, it can turn out pretty well for the Nationals.

What Changes MLB Nationals

The losses of Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross will dent the plans of the Nationals for their title defense. The good news is that they haven’t lost any stars yet. We expect the other teams to see some opt-outs as well. The logical conclusion here is that the Nationals should be in good shape even if a few other players leave. The sportsbooks don’t think that much has changed. They are still one of the favorites to win the Nationals. Their odds are +1800 at our American sportsbooks at the time of writing.

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