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The NBA season hasn’t started yet because of the coronavirus pandemic. The good news is that the NBA will resume on July 30 near Orlando. Yet if the situation gets worse the venue can change. Although we’re super excited we’re not going to get our hopes up. In any case, all basketball fans and sportsbooks are full of expectations. Even the online sportsbooks started to respond with some very early lines on offer in Las Vegas and elsewhere!

“The National Basketball Association and the National Basketball Players Association announced today that they have finalized a comprehensive plan for a July 30 restart to the 2019-20 season, which includes stringent health and safety protocols, a single-site campus at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the goal of taking collective action to combat systemic racism and promote social justice,” the two sides said in a joint statement, via”

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NBA What’s Different?

If you’re looking at the resumption as an excellent opportunity for some tidy profits. You need to realize that quite a few things will be very different. There will be home advantages in play, which could affect the team in two ways:

First, the teams that rely on good home support might struggle. While those with veteran players don’t need that much energy from the fans should do a bit better. Just look at the teams’ home/away records to know which teams might surprise us. What we can tell you is that it should benefit the Lakers the most.

Second, the overall tempo of play is likely to be lower. As there won’t be any fans to please. Plus, the actual point differences won’t matter just as long as the NBA team wins. With that in mind, we expect the Total Points lines to drop even more.

“The NBA and the NBPA confirmed today an agreement on health and safety protocols that will govern the resumption of the season,” the statement continued. “The rigorous program, which addresses risks related to COVID-19 and focuses on the well-being of players, coaches, officials, and staff, was developed in consultation with public health experts, infectious disease specialists, and government officials.”


Early Views

The showdown between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers looks the most interesting of the bunch. As things stand, the sportsbooks online have a slight preference for the Lakers after opening the match as a pure pick ’em affair.

That is in line with what we think about the teams. We won’t stop anyone from backing the Lakers to win at -125 or the Total Points to be lower than 218.5 at -110. We can tell you now that the match won’t have the same energy as it would’ve had in Los Angeles. The more experienced Lakers should be able to dictate the pace to their advantage.

The total points will be lower than 230 at -110 in the Suns vs. Wizards match. Crazy matches are less likely to happen once the season kicks off again. Furthermore, everyone will be on their toes. The good news is that the teams are fresh, and there aren’t any injuries to key players.

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