NBA Season Prop Bets Now Out

nba odds and bettign lines

The restart of the NBA is just a couple of weeks away. We have enough time to look at the main bets the online sportsbooks prepared for the action. What about diving into some prop bets in the meantime? Even that is possible, as quite a few bookies have put up some odds for such things as well!

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Playoff Seeds NBA

As you probably know, the first part of the restart is to get the players back into real match form. While also determining the playoffs’ final seedings. The battle lines were drawn up months ago, but a few changes can still happen in a few spots. Bettors can back that there will be more Over 4 changes or Under 4 changes, with odds of -115 on offer for both options.


Lakers Face the Toughest Schedule

The second round of prop bets you might want to consider is on the exact amount of wins. Each NBA team will receive during the first part of the restart. It’s hard to guess though. As there are many uncertainties that still remain. Then again you can have some crazy punt that bets on the Lakers to win just a single game at +12500. They do have one of the toughest schedules of all the teams. Hence the reason, we don’t think they’ll win all their games (+1200). We reckon that six (+125) is more like it.


Other NBA Prop Bets

Sportsbook bettors that want to dig even deeper can bet on prop bets. In other words, what the top score for a single player will be. Will it be Over/Under 55.5? Or, the high score for a single team Over/Under 139.5? Furthermore, what the lowest score for a single team will be Over/Under 84.5.


NBA Bet Suggestions

So what do you reckon? Are you going to have any punts? We certainly are! We will bet on the top score for a single player being Under 55.5 at -115. Honestly, we think that the top players will want to remain healthy before the playoffs begin. Therefore, high scores shouldn’t be on the cards.

Secondly, we recommend backing the top score for a single team remaining Under 139.5 at 115, since there isn’t all that much to shoot for at this point in time. With no fans to play for and with the playoffs looming, why give it your all? Especially if you run the risk of an injury.

Finally, we think that there’s some value in backing the Over 4 seedings changes option at -115. Teams are bound to be hot or cold at the start. Which means that a lot of small blips will occur. Not to mention the rustiness players experience during the offseason. Question is, will it be enough for five changes? Maybe not, but we feel the chances are better than what the odds imply.

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