NFL Football Betting Tips

How to Bet on the National Football League

There is a reason why it’s called “America’s Game.” The National Football League or NFL is by far the most popular American sport in the United States and considered to be the most popular American football league in the world. Created with 11 original teams back in 1920, the 11 teams formed the American Professional Football Association.

Two years later, the APFA changed its name to the National Football League where it has stood today but now made up of 32 teams from across the United States.

The NFL is comprised of 2 conferences; the American Football Conference or AFC and the National Football League or NFC. An NFL season consists of 16 games in a 17 week period with all 32 teams getting one bye week throughout the season.

The NFL makes a great sport for which many Americans and non-Americans enjoy betting on as it provides excellent value for your money as there are many options to bet on when it comes to the game of football. Once you are knowledgeable about the many vast options afforded to you to wager on and make money, you will find yourself in no time playing multiple games at once.

Most Popular NFL Bets

Let’s take a look 3 of the most popular betting options when it comes to the NFL;

Point Spread

The point spread is still the king of betting options as it is the most common type of bet you will find at any standalone or online sportsbook. The point spread consists of picking the team that is going to win along with how much they will win by.

To win the bet, simply pick the favored team to win by at least the said amount of points they are favored by or you may elect to take the underdog team along with the amount of said points giving to them. Think of the point spread as a way to level the playing field between the favored team and the underdog.

Money Line

Also known as a straight-up bet, you simply pick which team has the best chance of winning the game. The dollar amount of the winning bet is determined on how big of a favorite or underdog the teams involved are. The bigger the underdog, the bigger pay off if that team wins.


Another favorite amongst bettors for any sport that involves points or goals, this is an opportunity where you can root for the success of both teams to score past the over amount of points or goals; or hope for the failures for both teams to score under the amount of points or goals. The said amount of points or goals is determined by the online sportsbook.

Major Events of the NFL

In the NFL, there are two major events that occur in an NFL season. The Pro Bowl and Super Bowl

NFL Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl is considered nothing more than an All-Star of NFL players made up of players from both the AFC and NFC. In past years, this annual event was played after the Super Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii but has gone through some changes in recent years.

The Pro Bowl is now played the week prior to the Super Bowl still in Hawaii to bring more excitement to the game as opposed to after the Super Bowl and now whereas before the game pitted the AFC vs. NFC, it is now made of up players from both conferences to enhance the value of the game. The over/under is a very popular way to bet on the Pro Bowl. In 2012, more than 13.5 million people watched the Pro Bowl.

Super Bowl

Without a doubt the biggest sporting event of the year in America and watched by millions from around the globe, the Super Bowl is almost considered a holiday by many as it is simply referred to as Super Bowl Sunday. The host city of the Super Bowl is chosen by as much as 3-4 years in advance. The Super Bowl is now played the week following the Pro Bowl and brings in millions of dollars in revenue to the host city as there are also events and galas leading up the the Big Game! It has been said the Super Bowl is single handedly the biggest day for bets to be placed on a single sporting event anywhere. In 2011, more than 111 million people worldwide watched the Super Bowl.

Top 3 Betting Tips for the NFL


It is always a good idea to be aware of weather conditions up to and during the game as it may impact the game greatly, especially if for example you want to consider the under of the total points scored as the weather conditions may impact less points being scored as opposed to sunny conditions.


Statistics may play a very important part when electing to bet on a game such as how well a team may play against an opposing team, at home, in their own division travel, etc. This is a good way to develop your own betting system.


Always beware of rivalry games, especially within the division as these teams face each other twice a season and know another the best, so more so that the underdog wins more time than not. Something to consider when looking for a favorable bet.

NFL Betting Errors

Betting to Soon

As excited as you may be to place a bet on your favorite team or game that is coming up, it is always a good idea be patient and not jump the gun on a bet as certain conditions such as weather or injuries to key players may play a role in determining the overall outcome of the game. And as always, watch the betting lines as they may change constantly leading up to the game.

Betting With Your Emotions

In the game of betting, always go with your brain and not your heart, especially if it involves your favorite team but are playing a stronger team that are heavy favorites. In most cases when your emotions get the better of you it is better to just walk away from the bet… your pocket book will thank you.

Win/Lose Switch

This applies to teams that may of had a letdown game the week prior but then come out guns blazing the following week to blow away the other team. But, on the other side of that logic, that bad loss may send the team spinning into a losing slump.

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