NFL News – Cowboy Gregory Reinstated?

randy gregory

Although the NFL still has a relatively long way to go before it starts in September. There are plenty of newsworthy events in the meantime. One of them, for example, is Randy Gregory’s try for reinstatement being among the more interesting. If you want to know more about his case and how things might pan out, hop on board. Once the NFL season starts you can bet on the NFL at our trustworthy online sportsbooks.


The Gregory Case

Ten to the one you already forgot about Randy Gregory’s 2019 problems. In case, you forgot, let us jog your memory again. They suspended him for an indefinite period in February 2019 for violating the NFL’s policy on substance abuse. And, for breaking the terms of his conditional reinstatement. Despite that, the Cowboys decided to extend his contract throughout the 2020 season. Moreover, it’s worth noting that his team still supports him, despite all the problems he had so far.


Filing for Reinstatement

Since Gregory’s case, a new bargaining agreement clause is now in full effect in the NFL. NFL teams can no longer suspend their players for testing positive from marijuana. The agreement doesn’t have a retrospective validity. However, it doesn’t mean that Gregory will receive an automatic free pass.

Since the NFL no longer can suspend a player for testing positive for marijuana. It’s no wonder why he requests that his team reinstate him again. We believe he has a pretty good chance due to how the situation with marijuana developed. However, he’s not a first-time offender and he had plenty of substance abuse problems in the past. Maybe this is something that the powers that be will keep in mind before they reinstate him again. Problem is once a player has substance abuse it’s extremely difficult to shake.


The Current Situation

Right now, the case is still under review by the NFL. As it is, they postponed it due to the Coronavirus. So it’s hard to say how things will pan out. We do know that the Cowboys will have a tough time once they reinstate him again. First, does he fit into the team’s new game plan, and who will they replace him with? Maybe sportsbooks will let players bet on the odds of his reinstatement.

They would get a good player back, make no mistake. Maybe it will help with the injury woes Tyrone Crawford has. Yet, there remains a fair amount of controversy. Even though it does bode well for the team in the end. Let’s see what they’ll come up with. And, remember we’re talking about the NFL here. So, it’s only logical to assume that we won’t see Gregory back on the field this season.

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