Online Blackjack & 21

If the game of Blackjack or ‘21’ is your game, it’s never been easier to play right from the comfort of your home or on the go with many of the online casinos we offer here at Wonder Punter; so whether you enjoy playing for money or just for fun, we have exactly what you are looking for as all you have to do is find the best suited casino for you that offers Blackjack, sign-up and you are on your way.

With an online casino that offers Blackjack, you will have the ability to play for fun as you learn, or wager small amounts until you work up enough confidence to play for real money in what is a fun and exciting game. But, first, back to choosing the right casino and asking yourself… are they legal and which ones are legit?

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Is Online Blackjack Safe?

Absolutely! And, while there are many “fly-by-night” online casino websites that fly below the radar to rip people off from their hard earned money, you will not find any of those here at Wonder Punter as we fully endorse and recommend only the most legitimate and trustworthy online casinos on our website.

Internet Gambling/Blackjack

The game of Blackjack is fun and exhilarating once it is mastered, but even even if you are not ready to play with the professionals, that’s not a problem as you can ease your way into it. Then, once fully confident and ready to play for real money, you can take advantage of the many bonuses that online casinos offer. Best of all, you can try your hand with simple Blackjack or go against a live dealer and others from around the world.


Is Blackjack Safe to Bet Online?

This is a 100% absolute yes with any of the recommended and endorsed casino websites here at Wonder Punter as we do our due diligence to bring you only the best when it comes to online betting. Our endorsed casinos are highly trustworthy and reputable when it comes to “paying out” to their customers.


What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a simple game that is played quickly where the object is to achieve 21 points and to beat the dealer (the house). This can be achieved by a number of cards equalling 21 or getting as close to possible without going over, all while beating the dealer’s hand. Dealt two cards to begin with, a Blackjack or 21 can be won with just the dealing of a ten and ace together. An ace card has a value of 1 or 11, whichever gets you to 21. This is the objective, but you will soon learn that there other ways to beat the house.

Winning with Blackjack

Once the rules of Blackjack is understood, it is a simple game that can bring hours of fun… especially if you’re consistently winning. The biggest thing to understand when playing is discipline; know how to manage your bankroll throughout your hands… and more importantly, know when to walk away and call it a day.

If new to the game, watch and observe other players and what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Watch their strategy and how they wager their hands. However, it is important to understand your bankroll and how to manage it when playing. This goes back to practicing first if you’re new so that you can get an idea what strategy works best for you… and you only. This is a great way to build your confidence before getting your feet wet sort to speak. However, you will notice players that have a good grasp of how to play all have the same strategy for the most part in beating the dealer.


Blackjack for US Players

We here at Wonder Punter have plenty of online casinos that we fully endorse for our US customers. There is no need to worry if you will be paid on time… and in full as we deal with only credible casinos to fill your Blackjack needs.

If privacy is a bit of concern to payouts, fear not as Bitcoin is the answer! A cryptocurrency that is untraceable for both deposits and withdrawals. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to fund and cash out, but our choice is Bitcoin if you wish to remain completely anonymous.