Research Finds Online Casinos With A Sportsbook Option Are Better For Customers

When choosing an online sportsbook or casino, getting one that’s safe is essential. After all, it’s your hard earned cash that is at stake. Losing that cash in a bet because of a last minute score is hard enough – losing it to dishonest operators is not acceptable.

Finding a safe sportsbook or casino is unfortunately not an easy task though. Sometimes it is more like picking the winner from a field of riders where you don’t know a single horse, jockey or trainer. In situations like those, all you have is data, so that’s what we’re here to give you.

The fact is hundreds of sportsbooks and casinos exist around the world. Some are honest and trustworthy, but others are not. In addition, the features offered can vary greatly, while some have other services attached –offering both a sportsbook and casino, for example. We wanted to find out if sportsbooks with casinos are safer and/or better than standalone sportsbooks.

We approached KeyToCasino, a company that carries out research on online casinos around the world. Previously it had investigated the link between standalone casinos and those with poker rooms. It found companies that offered both delivered a better customer experience. We wanted to know if this applied to sportsbooks too.

The research looking at the sportsbook / casino connection investigated 741 casinos – 162 had a sportsbook offering, while 579 were standalone.

Bet365-LogoExamples include leading betting shop and sportsbook operators that have added casino options to their websites such as William Hill, Coral, Paddy Power, and BetVictor. It includes other sportsbook operators mostly known for their online offering, such as Bet365, and it also includes websites that started off as casinos and later added a sportsbook feature. One of the most high profile examples is the popular online casino Mr Green. It added a sportsbook to its range of services in early 2016.

As well as key data from the sportsbooks and casinos, the researchers also used real world data from users. This came from a database of over 4,000 player comments and experiences collected from seven major forums. You might even be a member of one of those forums, and your criticism or praise might have helped the researchers when determining their findings.

Using this combination of quoted information from the sportsbook and casino operators along with real user experiences gave a rounded and more accurate picture of the situation.


The Findings

The research first looked at payment policies, which is a source of annoyance for far too many casino and sportsbook users. It found that online casinos that also offer a sportsbook performed better. They generally had lower pay out times, with 42 percent of them paying players within a day. This compares to standalone online casinos, where only 25 percent pay within a day.

Non-payment rates are also lower with online casinos that have a sportsbook offering – the risk is 18 percent less.

These weren’t the only findings from the investigation, though. The researchers also found that sportsbook online casinos have average monthly cash outs that are more than four times higher than standalone online casinos.

Other factors also give casinos with a sportsbook the edge. This includes the fact that sportsbook online casinos generally offer more language, currency and deposit options.


The Result

A spokesperson from KeyToCasino told Wonder Punter: “In general we found that players get a better overall deal at online casinos that also offer a sportsbook option. Pay outs are quicker, there are fewer non-payment issues, and cash outs are bigger. We also found that companies with both an online casino and a sportsbook offer their customers more account management options.”

The spokesperson added: “There are exceptions to these conclusions, of course. Statistically, however, a player looking for a new online casino is more likely to have a positive experience if they choose one that also offers a sportsbook. Similarly, sportsbook users who want to join an online casino should consider one connected to the sportsbook website they are already familiar with.”

You’ll also have more fun too, playing a game or placing a bet between your regular activities.

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