Online Roulette: Looking at the Outside Bets

roulette table

There are 38 numbers on the roulette layout – 1 through 36, plus the zero (0) and double zero (00). Outside of the area on the Roulette table that contains those numbers and several bets the player can make. These are known as the “outside” bets.

As you’ll see when you take a look at the game at BetAnySports, outside bets differ from the inside bets in another, more fundamental way. They are made on much larger groups of numbers; each one of them represents a wager on 12 numbers or more at a time. The player may look at these bets and be under the impression that there is more valuable because the chances of winning the bets are better. However, you’ll see that the consistent percentages the house operates on in the game of roulette are still very much in place.

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Outside Bets Don’t Always Look Like 50-50 Propositions

Red or Black

This is relatively simple and straightforward. Half the numbers inclusive of 1 through 36 are red; the other half is black. Here you would be wagering on which of the colors the next number will be. There are boxes designated “Red” and “Black” that is located in the center of the section for outside bets, to the extreme left of the middle dozen numbers, i.e., 13 through 24. The “red or black” bet pays off at even money, even though the presence of zero and double zero, which are neither red nor black, makes it something less than an even-money proposition. The chances of winning this wager are 47.37%.

Expectation (E) = [(% chance of winning) X (amount won)] + [(% chance of losing) X (-amount lost)]

E = [(18/38) X (1)] + [(20/38) X (-1)] = 18/38 + (-20/38) =  -2/38 = -1/19 = -.0526 = -5.26%

Again, we have a roulette wager that carries with it a 5.26% built-in disadvantage against the house. You will be seeing this a lot.

Odd or Even

This follows along with the same principles as the Red or Black bet. Half the numbers are obviously odd, the other half is even. You will wager on whether the next number that comes up is an odd number or an even number. So when you bet on an odd number to win, for example, on the next spin of the virtual “wheel” an odd number must land, in which case you will be paid at even money. If it doesn’t come out to an odd number, or if the result is zero or double zero, you will lose your wager.

The chances of winning this bet are, again, 47.37%. The wager on the “Even” is placed in a box on the extreme left-hand side of the layout (that is if you’re looking at it length-wise), next to the “1st 12” box and one box over from the first dozen numbers (1 through 12) in the layout.

Expectation (E) = [(% chance of winning) X (amount won)] + [(% chance of losing) X (-amount lost)]

E = [(18/38) X (1)] + [(20/38) X (-1)] = 18/38 + (-20/38) =  -2/38 = -1/19 = -.0526 = -5.26%

roulette table


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Low or High

On this bet, the dividing line is between the top half and the bottom half of the numbers – in numerical order. And so, the numbers inclusive of 1 through 18 are in the “low” group, while 19 through 36 are in the “high” group. As you would probably guess, the zero (0) and double zero (00) are not among the numbers in the “low” group, and naturally, that’s where the house derives its edge from this proposition.

The chances of winning this wager are 47.37%. When the player executes the wager on the “low” or “high,” he or she does not do that in boxes that are marked that way on the table. Instead, the rectangular box marked with “1 to 18” is located at the top left of the roulette layout, next to the “Even” box.

Your Expectation:

Expectation (E) = [(% chance of winning) X (amount won)] + [(% chance of losing) X (-amount lost)]

E = [(18/38) X (1)] + [(20/38) X (-1)] = 18/38 + (-20/38) =  -2/38 = -1/19 = -.0526 = -5.26%

Column Bet

This option allows you to wager on any of the three entire columns on the roulette layout. The first column has one at the top and 34 at the bottom; the second has 2 at the top and 35 at the bottom, and the third has 3 at the top and 36 at the bottom.

When you place a column bet, you are doing so in a space that is provided at the bottom of each column. If any of the numbers in that particular column come up as a result of the next virtual “spin,” you will come out a winner. The column bet pays off at 2 to 1, though, since the zero and double zero are not included in the potential selections, the house maintains its consistent edge. Your expectation, calculated:

Expectation (E) = [(% chance of winning) X (amount won)] + [(% chance of losing) X (-amount lost)]

E = [(12/38) X (2)] + [(26/38) X (-1)] = 24/38 + (-26/38) =  -2/38 = -1/19 = -.0526 = -5.26%

Dozens Bet

You can grab a dozen numbers at a time, in another way aside from the column bet. The dozens bet allows you to do this with numbers in numerical order. In other words, you can designate a chip into the box that says “1st 12” and you will get numbers 1 through 12. The box “2nd 12” will give you numbers 13 through 24, and “3rd 12” gives you 25 through 36.

If the next spin produces a 7, for example, and you have a bet in the first 12, you will win. if the next spin produces an 18, though, you will lose the wager. The dozens bet offers a payout of 2 to 1 to the winner; however, due to the presence of the zero and double zero, which are not included in any of the three “dozens,” the odds against winning this wager are about 2.16 to 1.

Your expectation as a player:

Expectation (E) = [(% chance of winning) X (amount won)] + [(% chance of losing) X (-amount lost)]

E = [(12/38) X (2)] + [(26/38) X (-1)] = 24/38 + (-26/38) =  -2/38 = -1/19 = -.0526 = -5.26%

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