Political Betting: Trump vs Biden Presidential Election

bet on politics donald trump

Political betting always heats up whenever the US Presidential elections roll around. The 2020 Presidential Election is on the right track to become the most exciting political betting event in years. Let’s see what the main arguments for Donald Trump and Joe Biden have in store. But also what online sportsbooks dish up.

Betting on Donald Trump

Incumbent presidents always had the upper hand in US presidential elections. Which is one of the reasons why Donald Trump is the favorite to win? That said, his odds grow by the day. More importantly, he’s now into the outsider territory on how he handled the coronavirus situation and the renewed anti-racists protests. On top of that, the first after-pandemic rally to get him back on track was a spectacular failure. Unfortunately, the momentum is not with Trump right now.

That said, he can still rely on a few factors. Trump supporters believe that they are strong enough to back him at odds that are now better than ever. First, he has a reliable support base that’s likely to stick with him regardless of how many mistakes he makes. Second, he has a reasonably good target to attack his opponent. He indicated that his team knows how to launch an attack. If he has some dirt on Biden when the race is at its peak. There’s every chance that he can turn the tide in his favor again.

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Betting on Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a controversial candidate for the Democrats. Still, he has a fascinating tactic ahead of the race. He’s biding his time while Trump handles America’s ever-growing problems. Throw in some clever messaging, and what you have is a guy that might not energize the masses in the same way as Trump. But that has a minimal negative perception in public and that can win just because he’s a lesser evil of the two candidates. Or, so that think. We beg to differ.

His team’s smart tactic along with Trump’s bloopers, allowed Biden to become the live betting favorite. Biden’s odds now stand at -154 at many online sportsbooks while Trump’s is +131. And, unless something dramatic changes. It’s fair to say that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. The ball is in Trump’s court and we’re not entirely sure how matters will pan out this time around.


Vice-Presidential Markets

With the leading market currently going in a clear direction, you might very well want to take a look at the VP markets for the Democrats, as a lot is going on there. Right now, Kamala Harris is the big favorite at +105. There is plenty of good reasons, as she has a good voting base that could add a much-needed boost to Biden’s overall chances. She’s the favorite in our eyes. It’s hard to say that there’s a lot of value in her odds, given how many other candidates there are.

Susan Rice is a very legitimate candidate at +550 as well, for example, as is Val Demings at +525, especially if the anti-racist protests go on for a while. Michelle Obama at +2000 can be an exciting pick by many. However, it could be a tactical ruse by Biden, one never knows. Truth is, we don’t think he is a position to drop Obama. It’s safe to say one can rule her out straight away. In any case, the running mate will be a woman while Andrew Cuomo is the only reasonable candidate at this point. Moreover, his odds are as long as +1000.

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Side Markets

Finally, we would also like to turn your attention towards all the different side markets bound to become available as the day of the election comes nearer. If the previous elections are something to go by, we’re going to see plenty of side markets pop up, including markets on what’s the overall turnout will be, how the electoral college is going to turn out, and what the results in the individual states are going to be.

It’s these markets in which there’s usually a lot of value since the sportsbooks don’t pay as much attention to them. That means that you can have a significant edge over them if you invest a lot of hard work into research and thinking.

It’s hard to say how the side markets will look right now. What we can look forward to are the results in the individual states. We think that will be a lot of value in backing some of the tough Republican states. We flip blue this time around, if only by a small margin.


Final Word

All in all, we think it will be a very competitive presidential election period. It’s quite exciting for all fans of political betting since there are many different factors to take into consideration and many exciting side markets.

What that means is that you should be able to find something interesting to bet on even if you don’t have any strong views on the primary market that cares only about who’s going to be next president. So get ready for the next couple of months – the Trump vs. Biden presidential election. It will be a bumper!

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