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5Dimes, a U.S Friendly sportsbook that has been involved in the game for decades and is among the leaders in sportsbook authority as it is one of the larger and and most popular online wagering companies in the sports betting and casino industry.

“The second-worst thing in the world is betting on a golf game and losing. The worst is not betting at all.” Bobby Riggs

As an online sportsbook with more than 20 years of experience in the betting industry, 5Dimes is absolutely incredible, and the perfect site for seasoned bettors from the United States. We are the first to admit that the website of 5Dimes is not the best we’ve seen since it is covered in a smattering of links from top to bottom.

However, beyond its facade, 5Dimes Sportsbook provides the best prices, reduced juice, the most lines, and American players can withdraw up to $10,000 through Bitcoin in under 24 hours.

Pros / Cons
  • USA sports bettors accepted
  • Reduced Juiced is one of the lowest of any online sportsbook (-101)
  • Free Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals of up to $10,000 per transaction
  • Professional sports bettors play free
  • Offers Casino, Poker and Racebook as well
  • One of very few Live Dealer Casinos for the USA market
  • Mobile betting platforms needs attention
  • Reduced Juice is reduced when a bonus is claimed

5dimes sportsbook

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What are the minimum bets?

The minimum bets at the Casino are $0.05, and on Sports, it is $0.50. The minimum bet on sports via telephone is $50 (straight bet), on open parlays and teasers $100, and teasers, pleasers, parlays, and futures it is $25.

What is the minimum age to play at 5Dimes?

International players must be 18 years old, and USA players a minimum of 21 years.

“Log in and look at all the lines for basketball, it is awesome, they have quarters for every NBA game, 1st half and half time for every NCAAB, money lines for 2nd halves in NBA…they have spreads on “the next 6 minutes” in the NBA and “the next 10 minutes” in the NCAA.” – Thrillofgambling


5dimes deposit and withdrawal methods

5Dimes Deposits & Cash-Out Methods

5Dimes caters primarily to the American market, and this is why you won’t see a vast array of deposit, and withdrawal methods. The UIGEA prohibited American banks from processing credit card payments from online casinos and sports betting entities.

Accepted deposit and withdrawal methods are Bitcoin, credit cards, Bank Wire, Person2Person, Cashier Check, and Money Order. We heard that 5Dimes has a clearance rate of around 75% on all credit card transactions. Suffice to say, this is a phenomenal achievement!

The smallest deposit per transaction at 5Dimes Sportsbook is $25 up to a maximum of $10,000. If none of the above banking methods appeal to you, you can try RIA money transfer. The smallest deposit amount using this method is $100 up to $750 per transaction. If you really want a fun and hassle-free time at the sports betting site, then let’s talk Bitcoin.

This cryptocurrency gave the industry its legs again after the UIGEA cut them off at the knees, figuratively speaking of course. Bitcoin is a game-changer because it is not curtailed by any country’s gambling laws, it is easy to use, it is free, decentralized, and not hampered by network bottlenecks.

5Dimes only clears a few Bitcoin transactions every day, yet it allows an unlimited amount of deposits. This stumps us to a degree as to why they allow tons of Bitcoin deposits, yet they only make provision for a few withdrawals within a 24 hour period. We highly recommend Bitcoin since it is hardly ever declined, and is the most convenient of all methods to use.

Unlike other sportsbooks where Bitcoin withdrawals are cleared within 72 hours, 5Dimes clears it within 22 hours. If you are intimidated by Bitcoin, we cover the nuts and bolts here. Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Once you have registered an account, simply copy & paste, or scan in your Bitcoin QR code, and address to be able to send bitcoin to 5Dimes. It takes approximately 2 to 3 minutes before your bitcoins hit your account, but there are cases where bettors had to wait as long as 30 minutes. Withdrawals through Bitcoin are cleared only if you have used it as a deposit method. Make sure you use it from the onset.

Most newbies from America are afraid of using offshore online sports betting sites because of the legal landscape and history that surrounds them. We have taken the liberty to curtail any negative rumors by answering a common question most newbies ask:


Should I win, will 5Dimes do a runner with my money?

No, it won’t. With more than 20 years in operation, 5Dimes is as legitimate and honest as they come.

We have a gripe with some sports betting sites that give the industry a bad name. They will allow you to make thousands of dollars in deposits, but the moment you want to withdraw your money, then they are full of excuses. This is NOT the case with 5Dimes. We made a few deposits over the course of a few months and requested a withdrawal. Once 5Dimes confirmed our telephone number, we receive our money (bitcoins) within 22 hours. Don’t be surprised if the sports betting site gives you a call to confirm that it is really you.

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Reduced Juice

The most essential feature about 5Dimes is that it runs on a ‘Reduced Juice’ system. Which explains why millions of happy bettors from the United States make their bets here, and not at other sportsbooks. The net result is that the operator saves its bettors thousands of dollars every year.

For each bet that is made, 5Dimes charges a fee known as vigorish (or Juice.) Most sportsbooks charge 10% that is indicated as -110 in a betting line. To win $100, you are actually paying $110. And that is how ordinary sports bookies make their profit. New players often get caught with a standard spread at other online sportsbooks that can be as high as -115, in other words, where the juice is 15%. If the juice on sports is this steep, rather play at an operator where the juice is less, like 5Dimes.

So, what is the average ‘Juice’ at 5Dimes? They average at -105 while some hover between -102 and -101. The highest we have seen was -108. So, bettors save approximately 5% at 5Dimes. Therefore, on a bet of $500, you are saving $25 per day, $175 week, or $9,100 per year.


What must I do to get Reduced Juice?

Each sport has a ‘Reduced’ box that can be found at the main sportsbook section at 5Dimes. When you click on it, you’ll see the reduced lines with their respective prices. Awesome! We’d also like to caution you that there is a price for using Reduced Juice.

  • It is offered only on the game of the day. 5Dimes’ daily games’ reduced juice rolls out after EST midnight (maybe before).
  • Only spread bets, moneyline, or total bets are allowed.
  • Reduced Juices are not offered on parlays and teasers.
  • The reduced bet on NFL games is $1,000 while it is $500 on other sports.

Boiling it down to the bare essentials, Reduced Juice at 5Dimes allows you to save 5% on each bet.

5dimes live betting lines

5Dimes Lines

5Dimes covers the most popular American and International sports, which include soccer, basketball, and hockey. What is particularly interesting to us, is the Little League baseball future lines; all we can say is that it is a small slice of heaven.

There are also loads of player and team prop lines against each game, with very specific lines indicated, for example, “the first team to score 10 points.”

5Dimes also covers college basketball, tennis, motor racing, football, golf, fighting, cricket, rugby, and various other sports. As a side note, bets on politics, competitive eating (we kid you not), and on the Oscars can be made.

5Dimes Promotions

Deposit Bonus

The sports betting site lists eight bonuses of different sizes, and they constitute a large part of the site’s loyalty program. As a new depositor, this is what you can expect:

Despite all the choices at your disposal, once you have claimed any other bonus, you forfeit your Reduced Juice. To be honest, Reduced Juice is the ‘beating heart’ for your average bettor, and it would be penny wise and pound foolish to drop it for the sake of an extra bonus. Another top feature about 5Dimes is that every new player is placed into its Reduced Juice program from the very first bet! You agree with us that in itself, this is the best bonus!


Players who don’t use the Reduced Juice program can always benefit from the Free-Play Rewards. Each new depositor receives a bonus of 50% up to $400 on a maximum deposit of $200. And it gets better! Bettors who deposit more than $400 receive an extra 20% on top of this up to $2,000. On a deposit of $2,000, you’ll be rewarded with $520 in Free-Play cash.

A feature we don’t like about the bonus is that your winnings are released in bits and pieces of 10% every time the roll-over requirement is completed. Essentially the play-through attached to the bonus is 10x, which is similar to that used by poker rooms. The upside to this is that the bonus increases your bankroll. Bonus funds are credited to your account within 24 hours which is kinda ‘meh’ if you ask us. Another reason why you should keep to the Reduced Juice system.

5Dimes Loyalty Program

The best rewards program is to keep to the Reduced Juice. Alternatively, the site does offer incentives for different types of bettors, but they still fade in comparison to the benefits provided by the Reduced Juice (5% annual cash saved on all bets).

Rebates on Losses

Active depositors qualify for rebates of 10% on weekly losses, monthly cash of 15%, or as much as 20% per year. Online casino patrons benefit from weekly losses of up to 14%, or losses of 21% per month.

30% Super Saver

A bonus of -107 is handed out on parlays and standard bets. Once again, we recommend you just focus on the Reduced Juice, unless you are a parlay bettor.

Point Mover Special

The purpose of this promotion is the reduction of buying points. To put it bluntly, it is way too risky for our taste and is similar to taking insurance when you play Blackjack.

5dimes betting contest


Customer Support at 5Dimes

5Dimes allows customers to contact them by email, telephone (1-877-332-7501), or live chat. Of the three methods, live chat and email are the most convenient since the costs associated with a standard telephone call is high. The live chat agents are friendly, communicate properly in English, and they are appropriately trained for the task at hand. Apart from a few minor issues, we can’t fault support and find them to be above average.

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5Dimes Mobile

5Dimes mobile sportsbook platform needs a bit of work. It allows players on the ‘go’ access to its Sportsbetting, Casino, or Poker platform. We recommend that mobile users access the site in ‘landscape’ Mode. This allows you to see the betting boxes on a single screen.

The Casino games can be played in your phone’s browser. The biggest problem we experienced is that the game takes quite some time to load, sometimes up to 25 seconds. The table games run like a charm in portrait while slots load quite quickly. In the ‘Bet the Board’ category keep to the standard sports bets; they’re the only part of the mobile platform that’s really good.

Security and Trustworthiness

With an upstanding reputation like 5Dimes, the operator employs sophisticated Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software to protect client information. As far as the Casino’s RealTime Gaming software goes, the Random Number Generator (RNG) of its games has been vetted by Certified Fair Gambling (CFG) auditing company. At the time of writing all its casino games offered an average return to player of 98.717% which is exceptional in the industry. (http://prntscr.com/ovm15f)


Final Word

As far as reliability and trustworthiness go, 5Dimes is the best USA online sports betting operator. Granted, its website is entirely devoid of the bells and whistles we’ve become accustomed to, and its mobile section needs a bit of sprucing up.

However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any better reduced lines at any sports betting site. The site earned its stripes (and stars) over the course of nearly two decades. Payouts, especially Bitcoin, are cleared quickly, and the amount of sports it covers is beyond impressive. 5Dimes is hands down our favorite sports betting site, on condition it continues to offer Reduced Juice.


$520 Bonus, Free Plays, Big Rewards, 30% Super Saver + Reduced Juice

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