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Ever play a slot machine and feel “cheated?” No bonus, no big winnings or even a decent payout? If so, chances are you experienced the symptoms of “slot variance.” But, what exactly does the term “slot variance” mean?

Let’s take a moment to dissect the term “variance” so that you may have a better understanding of what we are up against when it comes to playing online slots. More so, your experience will not only be more enjoyable BUT a profitable one as well if you play regularly.

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To put it simply, the term “variance” means “risk.” For example: when we play a low variance slot machine, we are playing a “low risk” slot game. However, the risk element does not affect the expected payout. Whether the slot machine you are playing has an expected return between 93% and 97% and either “low variance” or “high variance,” it has no effect whatsoever.

However, what the slots variance does affect is HOW the slot  pays out. This variance will dictate how much you bet on a spin, how big of a bankroll you will need going in and how quickly you are to blow your bankroll! Strategy means everything when it comes to playing slots.

Breaking it down; a low variance slot game will pay you a combination of half decent and what we call “token gesture” wins more often than not. In turn, a high variance slot machine will give you mostly token gesture wins and very often a monster win! Now, what about the in between; how do you know if a slot machine is low, medium or high “risk?” Simple… you play, or use the site– the paytable may help with some clues, but it’s not a decisive indicator.

And when it comes to publishing the variance rating of online slots, most casino providers tend to keep this a big secret. but typically you will find the most popular games are usually the ones with the highest payout’s it’s generally where other players have had the most success and nearly all online casinos will have their top casinos advertised at the top of the page, you can get our full list of Variance Slots Casino sites here.

Slots Variance (Risks)

Take a look at the paytable of most online video slots and often you can get an idea of the “risk” involved. For example: if you see that a 3 or 4 of a kind pays out relatively low, while a 5 of kind seems to pay out a lot more (as much as 10x more than a 4 of kind), there is a good chance you are looking at a high variance.

A 3, 4 and 5 of a kind tends to be in the in the 3-5x range; a sign that you are leaning more a lower/medium variance. But, that is not the deciding factor as a lot depends on how many there on a reel, is there a jackpot on the slot? How many does the paylines does the slot have?

High Risk Slots

TIP: bet low to start to get a feel of how the games play. Example: if you have a $200 bankroll, good idea to start off with no more than $1 a spin and as you get more comfortable up the auntie (bet). Spend a decent amount of time playing to get to get a good feel and keep in mind to win big you must bet more but it may take more than one bankroll.

Low Risk Slots

Don’t have a big bankroll, low variance slots are the game for you. Playing low variance slots can still result in some pretty decent wins but the chances of nailing a 500x hit is very slim and in some instances… non-existent. An achievable hit is 100x or bit more.

The biggest advantage of going the low variance route is that your bankroll can last longer even if playing bigger bets. A $1 spin on a $200 budget should keep you playing a good amount of time but you will have to set your sights lower.

If your goal is to cashout a 25% to 30% profit but want to some time playing, low variance is the way to go. Here is a selection of Wonder Punter low variance slots to enjoy and get started with.

So there you have it– high variance or low variance… the choice is yours! Now that you know the risk involved for each, play according to your comfort level. You may come out a winner but also be prepared to come away empty handed.

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