We tell you how to bet on sports especially is you’re still a beginner. How to manage your bankroll properly, the different sports out there, how to read odds, and how to maximize your earnings, even with a limited budget.

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Betting strategies differ from one person to the next. With Wonderpunter’s expert ‘Betting Strategy Guide‘ you’ll never have to second-guess your bets again. We tell you how to shop for the best lines at online sportsbooks. And, how to get the edge over the competition, and of course the sportsbooks.

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Betting On Sports

There’s a ton of sports to bet on which can be overwhelming at times. Our expert online sportsbook betting advice is on-point, and we cover a range of sports for you to bet on. Including, how to bet smart, and how to prolong your winning streak.

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Our comprehensive banking guide explores the various banking methods that are currently available to bettors from North America, and which ones are the most convenient. How to protect your identity, which security protocols online sportsbooks use, and how to deposit and withdraw your money from sportsbooks.

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Betting Psychology

In principle, everyone wants to be a winner. Bettors are by nature emotional beings, we explain the various psychological factors that are involved with sports betting. Why some bettors are successful and others are not. We’ve cobbled together a betting strategy where common sense prevails, and we also discuss ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’.

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Betting Scams

Sports Betting Scams

There are snake oil salesmen around every corner that will try and sell their betting strategies to you. We tell you more about the most common betting scams and how to avoid them.


Bitcoin opened up a whole new world for sportsbooks and live betting fans. The world’s premier cryptocurrency offers increased benefits such as speedier withdrawals, its cheaper, and more convenient than fiat currencies. Our article tells you how to purchase and store Bitcoin, and how to use them at sportsbooks online.


Our top USA sportsbooks offer new sports bettors bonuses on deposit. If you use the bonus wisely the ‘free cash’ you can do wonders to your bankroll. Our bonus articles are in a league of their own, make sure you don’t miss them.


The online sportsbook industry is a multi-billion dollar business. We look at the inner-workings of the live-betting industry, and how it became such a financial powerhouse it is today.


The online sports betting legal landscape keeps on evolving since it must be in tune with the latest technology. It’s important that you stay up-to-date with North America’s new sports betting laws, and why paying tax on your winnings is a must. More importantly, what’s the minimum age for sports bettors and state-by-state sports betting laws.


Each sport has its own unique betting strategy. In order to stay ahead of the competition, our in-house experts do research and analysis with regard to the latest industry trends that you can read here in this sports betting guide. What’s the best juice, ETA on lines, and line movement frequency.


Online sports bettors not familiar with the various betting terms will find them here. We talk about the different types of sports Podcasts, the most important sports abbreviations, and glossary.

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