The Over/Under Betting option is one of the most basic and the most exciting in which you can bet. When betting over or under, the bettor is not focusing on predicting which team will win. In this type of betting, all that matters is the final score of the game.

Over/Under Betting

The over/under betting option is available for any sport. There are over/under betting options for other things besides the scores. For example, in soccer, you can bet on the over/under of yellow cards, red cards, corners, among others. In baseball, you can bet on over/under of runs or home runs. In golf, there are over/under bets in the number of birdies in a tournament.

To understand how these bets work, let’s look at some examples.
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Boston Celtics Over: -105 Under: -115 Total: 224

Bet The Over/Under Total

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In this case, the Sportbook has estimated that the total score of the game will be 224. The bettor has the option to bet if the combined score of the Clippers and the Celtics will be more (over) or less (under) 224 at the end of the game.

As we can see in addition to the total over and under score, there some numbers that are very similar to a Moneyline. This value indicates the amount of money the bettor needs to bet to win $ 100.

Continuing with our example, a bettor places a bet of $ 105 under for the Clippers vs. Boston game. With this wager, the bettor is expecting that the final score will be less than 224. Suppose the final score was: Clippers 109 – Boston 111. The total of both scores added is 220, so the bettor won the bet and took a win of $ 100.

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A possible scenario that bettors should consider is when the final score is what the Sportsbook predicted. If our example game ends Clippers 111 – Boston 113, the total would be 224. In these cases, the Sportsbook returns all bets, and the bettor will not win or lose a penny. To avoid this type of case, some Sportbooks present the total bets in half-points, so instead of the total being 224 would be 224.5 to prevent a tie.

When Sportbooks need to move more players to bet on a particular side, they do so by adjusting the total score. So if in our example the over in the Clippers vs. Celtics game received more bets, the book will increase the total score from 224 to 230, so both teams will have to score more points to reach the predicted total. By doing this, betting on under becomes more attractive to gamblers.

In the case of sports with low scores that do not pass the single-digit such as soccer, baseball, and hockey, the Sportbooks adjust the possible payout and do not modify the total to attract more players to bet on one side or the other.

Factors Affecting Total Bets

Total bets can be affected by injuries from significant players that average many points per game or hit many home runs. Weather conditions, in the case of sports, played outdoors such as baseball or football, can influence more or less runs or goals. Changes in teams’ strategies from an offensive to a defensive mentality can also alter total bets.
Wining a bet by predicting 100% who will win a game is quite complicated.

But winning a total bet is not that difficult; it only requires the analysis of several factors. Like the team strategies, averages scores per game, compare the offensive and defensive of each team and make the calculations of the possible amount of points that each one can score.

A fundamental strategy that bettors can apply is to analyze the type of teams they are going to take part in the game, therefore if the records show that both sides are more defensive and do not score many points per game, the wiser is to bet under.

On the contrary, if the teams that will take part in the game are characterized by scoring many points or have players who average many points or goals per game, then the over side will be the best option.