Finding the best method of withdrawing money from a USA sportsbook online is key to an enjoyable live betting experience. Some sportsbooks offer up to 7 or more money withdrawal options, each with its pros and cons. This ‘Fastest Withdrawal Online Sportsbook’ guide you can find which are the quickest money withdrawal options available and the characteristics of each one.

Fastest Payouts by Sportsbook

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Sportsbook Reputation Matters

The first thing that bettors should consider when choosing a Sportsbook online its reputation. There are thousands of Sportsbooks in the market, but only a handful of them have licenses, experience, and prestige to provide a quality service. It does not matter what they say on their website. The online sportsbook promises hyper-fast payments, before making any transaction the bettor must verify the background of that Sportsbook through reviews and online forums to determine if it has an excellent solvency record.

Bitcoin Is The Fastest

Cryptocurrencies offer many advantages for both the player and the Sportsbook. One of those advantages is the speed of transactions. Bitcoin is the most popular and most accepted cryptocurrency by Sportsbooks today. Withdrawal times vary from one provider to another, but it is in the range of 15 minutes the fastest to 48 hours the longest. In addition to its speed, bettors can be sure that the payments they receive through Bitcoin will be 100% effective and will not be frozen, as can happen on some occasions with bank transfers.

Bank Wire Is Fast But Has Issues

Bank wires are still a prevalent method among online sportsbook bettors to collect their profits; this is because the money is credited directly to their bank balance, so they can dispose of it immediately after receiving it. The waiting times for a bank transfer are in the range of 3 to 10 days, depending on the Sportsbook.

Some important considerations about bank wires are:

Bank Policies: Some banks do not allow their customers to send or receive money from Sportsbooks, players must check with their bank if there are such restrictions, as they run the risk of having their accounts block or losing the money from the sportsbook deposit.

Fees: Some banks charge fees for each transaction, so sometimes the transfer freezes and is not credited until the player pays the fee. On other occasions, it is the Sportsbook who charges for the transaction, so the player must be attentive and know the terms and conditions of his bank and his Sportsbook concerning bank wires.

Check By Courier, Slow Yet Effective

Although it seems surprising that in our days where technology and digital transactions prevail, many sportsbooks still offer the possibility for their players to withdraw their winnings through checks. Couriered checks delivery times are around 5 to 20 days.

Some important considerations about Couriered Check:

Courier companies such as FedEx and UPS deliver Checks. Their delivery times can be affected by bad weather, problems on roads and highways, among others. Although these companies provide a tracking code to know the location of the shipment, it ensures that the Check is not lost en route. Some Sportsbooks charge a fee for the issuance of checks, so players must verify if a fee applies at the time of requesting withdrawal through.

Couriered Check

Slow and falling into oblivion: Money Order Transfers

Money Order Transfers is not that popular anymore, but there are still some Sportsbooks that offer it. The waiting times to receive the funds is 2 to 20 days. One of the disadvantages of the money order is that the player must go to a local or store affiliated with the company so that he can collect the money order as cash.

General Considerations

Identity Verification

All sportsbooks will ask their players to go through the identity verification process before they can make a withdrawal. This process can add a couple of days of waiting for any withdrawal method from those above, but players should only go through this process once. Waiting times may vary in the year.

The online sportsbooks have a financial department that ensures that each bettor receives the exact amount of money. During high seasons of the year, such as the SuperBowl or the March Madness, when a large number of bets are received, the department must process and approve all withdrawal requests. Due to the high traffic during the peak season, payments are delayed, but not by long. About payment methods, some are faster; others are more convenient, gamblers must know and try all to determine which one they like the most.