Bets and baseball are a marriage made in heaven since MLB has the most games per season, which means more opportunities to place bets and make a good profit. Also, baseball is one of the sports where statistics abound, so USA online sportsbook bettors can obtain a great deal of information to create their strategies and find valuable betting opportunities.

When it comes to high-value betting opportunities, the First 5 Innings Bets has become one of the most intelligent forms of live betting, as it allows the bettor to focus on fewer variables to more accurately determine potential outcomes. Reason being fewer unknown factors during the first five innings than in the rest of the game when pitcher changes and bullpen strength of each team become determining factors of the final result.

Therefore First 5 Innings Bets allows the player doesn’t have to worry about anything that happens beyond the end of the fifth inning. Players can place the following types of bets in the first five innings: the typical straight-up money line bets, run line bets, and totals bets.

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Money Line

This type of bet only requires the bettor to choose which team will win. The strategy to place a good Money Line bet in the first five innings is when you know that the starting pitcher is of an outstanding level. If the game is a tie towards the end of the first five innings, it’s a push. The bettor will be refunded his moneyline bet, and there is no loss.

Run Line

Run line bets focus on determining the number of runs for which a team will win the game. When betting on the run line in the first five innings, the principle is the same only that, in this case, the bettor will be betting on the number of advantage runs the team has at the end of the fifth inning. One thing to keep in mind is that the run line moves from around 0.5 in the first five innings to 1.5 for the rest of the game. Because, in the first five innings, both teams have the same amount of opportunities at-bat.


Totals seem to be one of the most straightforward bets since when betting on the totals of the first five innings, the bettor must only choose if the score at the end of the fifth entry will be higher or lower than the one established by the Sportsbook.

The odds of the first five innings do not generate tremendous economic revenue, let’s see the following example:

  • Run Line Full Game Run Line First 5 Innings
  • New York Mets +135 +110

As we can see in this example, if the bettor places a bet of $ 100 for the Mets for the complete game, he can win $ 135. With the same stake of $100 at the first five innings, the payment would be $ 110.

The advantage of betting on the first five innings is that it gives the online bettor greater security. Remember that baseball is a game loaded with strategy and where the smallest change in wind speed has a significant influence on the speed and direction of the ball, which can have a substantial impact on the final result. During the first five innings, there are fewer factors that can influence the outcome, so it is easier for the bettor to have an accurate prediction.

The secret to mastering the First 5 Innings bets is to perform a proper analysis of the statistics to:

  • Make the handicap of the starting pitcher.
  • For example, statistics show that the average innings of each starting pitcher of the MLB are 5, so the bullpen will not influence the outcome of the first five innings.

With this information, the bettor can decide to place a bet if the starting pitcher of a team is stronger or if the bullpen of a team is very good at recovering the losses of a weak starter.

Do The Batters Handicap

The bettor can perform an analysis of each team’s batting lineup performance and determine if strong hitters have the first four turns. If both sides have strong hitters, it is a safe bet for the totals over. Sportsbooks devote less time and effort to correctly calculate the odds for the first entries of a game; it is for this reason that gamblers can find a window of opportunity in this type of bets. The First 5 Innings Bets is one of the smartest ways to bet, each player must incorporate it into his repertoire.