The NHL (National Hockey League) is undoubtedly the most popular ice hockey league in the world. Ice hockey fans always look for a quick bet regardless of where they reside. Of course, ice hockey isn’t as popular as, say, soccer or baseball. But it does not stop us from exploring the ins and outs of NHL betting. We believe the enthusiasm of NHL fans puts the rest to shame.

NHL Sportsbooks

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How to Bet on the NHL

Let’s kick off by saying a few words about how you can bet on the NHL. Today it’s easy to place your bets at online sportsbooks that cover the NHL markets. Therefore, it only requires a few steps to place your first bet. We recommend all our trustworthy USA and European sportsbooks. UK bookmakers might not be particularly suitable since there isn’t much interest in ice hockey in the UK. Open an account at your online sportsbook and fund it. You can deposit through Bitcoin or Litecoin. Our best NHL sportsbooks accept other alternative banking options but cryptocurrencies are the best. Especially for live bettors from the United States and Australia.

nhl sports betting

Types of Main Bets

You will find various types of bets on the NHL. They are Moneyline Bets, Match Result Bets, Pure Line Bets, and Total Bets. Moneyline bets are the most straightforward. You merely predict which team will win, that’s it, no rocket science. Match Result bets allow you to bet on the result after three periods of play. You can bet on either of the teams (at higher odds than moneyline bets) or the draw. A draw is relatively common in ice hockey, especially in the NHL. As the teams are fairly equal in terms of quality.

Puck Line bets are handicap bets that allow you to back a side with a particular handicap. For example, you can back a team on a -1.5 goals handicap and predict that it will win by two or more goals. You can also back a team on a +1.5 goals handicap and predict that it will lose by more than a single goal, with higher handicaps for both sides offered. Totals bets allow you to predict the number of goals during any given match. These bets are quite straightforward, although you have to watch for the specific rules. Some online bookmakers don’t count goals scored in the overtime for the total, and that makes a more significant difference than you might think.

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Types of Side Bets

Even though you can spend your entire NHL betting career with just the three main markets. There are also a few side markets available. You can bet on which team will score the first goal, or which team will score the first X goals. Or, how well the main players will do. These markets are not very popular, but experienced bettors can find some value here. The bookies do not pay much attention to the nuances of side markets, which makes them useful for bettors.

It helps if you also explore NHL Futures. It allows you to bet on teams who do well or poorly during the main season or the play-offs. These bets are either season-long or play-offs-long. We are aware that many players are not comfortable waiting for their results. However, it’s nice to track NHL betting because it offers a lot of value.


Research NHL Betting

Before we sign off. We give you a few pointers to live bettors interested in NHL betting. The first tip, know as much as possible about the teams and their players. As their quality is a significant factor in how the matches play out. It’s crucial to know everything about injuries, team strategies, how the teams behave when they are ahead or behind in a game, etc. All these things might look insignificant, but they are a fairly big deal. Knowing the details is a must if you want to take your NHL betting to the next level.

Always have in-depth knowledge about goalies because they are crucial when it comes to the NHL. Do you know which goalie will start for each team and the impact they’ll have? There are reasons why teams field their back-up goalies during certain periods of the game. Although many teams make the game a team effort. It is clear that many players find it disconcerting if they don’t have a solid goalie.

Be aware of the various travel schedules of the teams you support. It has a lot to do with fatigue, but it also has a lot to do with motivation. Some places are easier to travel to while some areas bring more prestige. For example, travel to Las Vegas is notoriously tricky for a variety of reasons. Before you place your bets on NHL we suggest you do proper research first. These are the small bits that can give you an edge over the online sportsbooks. Try to pay as much attention to them as possible.


Final Word

The NHL is never going to be as popular across the world as some of the other major US leagues. However, it consistently attracts huge audiences, and it offers quite a lot for sports bettors. It brings significant betting limits and a whole lot of action. There are NHL matches almost every day which makes it all the more exciting.