Bankroll management is essential, especially when it comes to playing at online casinos or betting on sports. If you want to be successful at managing your bankroll at online sportsbooks, you must take proper care of it. There are many in-depth guides about different staking strategies out there. We don’t want to replicate them here. Instead, we’re going to tell you how to manage your bankroll correctly next time you play at sportsbooks.

Bankroll Management: Know Your Objectives

What’s important is that no matter what kind of a live bettor or casino gambler you are. You must have clear-cut objectives for the long term. Are you just a recreational real money slots player that wants to have some fun while trying to be profitable. Or are you someone who’s eyeing regular profits? Or are you looking for something in-between?

The answer to that question should affect your bankroll management. As you can be more aggressive without risking all that much if live sports betting isn’t something you’d like to rely on in terms of overall earnings. With that in mind, you can feel free to stake a bit more than what the usual recommendations are if you hit a lousy streak. Which is bound to come no matter how good you are. It can’t hurt you all that badly – and a good streak is going to make you feel great. Don’t forget to cash out at some point so that you don’t lose it all!

If you want to have a steady profit. You should decrease the variance as much as possible and go for the lowest reasonable bets. This strategy helps you need to minimize the impact of all those potential bad runs. Yes, a good win certainly helps a lot, but you have to keep it real at all times since any form of betting is volatile. If you want to be semi-professional or professional and not carry the risk of having to reload – safety first!

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Handy Bankroll Tips

Remember, only bet the amount you can afford to lose and never chase your losses! Should you have a big win, cash out your winnings and play with your original bankroll. If you had a bad session reduce your average bet until you start winning again. Also, and it’s often overlooked, keep track of the money you’ve spent. If you’re a novice bettor your average bet should be 1% of your bankroll. If you’re an intermediate bettor you can increase it to 2%, and if you’re an exoperience player, increase it to 3%.


Move Your Bankroll Around

Another thing that many sportsbook bettors don’t employ is a dynamic bankroll they can move around as they please. If you are someone who wants to get the most out of a reasonably small. And what could that reason be? The first things that come to mind are bonuses and other similar promotions. One-off bonuses are typically preferable over better markets and odds if your bankroll is low, so you should try to scoop them up as soon as they appear, as they can give you a nice boost. Other reasons for moving bankrolls around then include unconventional markets, various boosted odds, etc.

When considering this point, please keep in mind that there are different withdrawal times for different withdrawal methods. Also, if you play at MYBookie you don’t have plenty of banking options available to you. Unless you use Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency which we consider the magic silver bullet. Generally speaking, American sportsbooks have slower withdrawal times than their UK and European counterparts.


Bankroll Management: Banking

Finally, we would also like to say a few words about deposits and withdrawals. If you are successful at online sports betting, you’re going to start to increase your bankroll over time. That’s great, and you’ll probably want to keep those bankrolls intact to be able to raise your stakes and get to the next level. However, at some point, you should certainly consider a well-timed and well-sized withdrawal. Our instant withdraw casinos clear Bitcoin payments of up to $10,000 within minutes.

This withdrawal should serve several purposes. First, you should lock your profits at regular intervals so that you can use them for spending purposes. It enables you to build a bankroll that you can use to get back into action if things go south. Also, even if you are in it for the long run and want to be as professional as possible, it makes sense to reward yourself now and then with something small at the very least.

Second, unless you are a real pro at managing stuff. You might suffer a lapse in discipline from time to time and forget about the stringent rules at some point. It’s completely natural, but you can mitigate the potential adverse effect of these lapses by just not having all that much money in your bankroll at any moment.

There’s also the hard-to-deal-with possibility that the sportsbook could run into financial problems and not pay you. We know it sucks, although it’s a very rare occurrence, and you can get that threat to a very low level by playing at the most reputable sportsbooks. No matter where you play, you are never going to eliminate the risk entirely. It makes sense to bring the bankroll that you don’t necessarily need home and to play it safe at all times!