Although many bettors won’t give up on moneyline betting. Which is arguably the most straightforward betting proposition, many prefer point spread betting. After all, point spreads offer more flexibility and better odds. With that in mind. Let’s take a look at what point spreads are and what you need to know while betting on them!


    What Are Point Spreads?

    Before we get to point spread betting strategies, it’s vital to know about point bet spreads. Point spreads are handicap bets in sports that give one of the sides an advantage or disadvantage. Strictly speaking, the team must cover it for the bet to land.

    Let’s take an NFL match between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. Once you open the live betting markets, you see that there are two lines. The New England Patriots -7.5 and Seattle Seahawks +7.5. What does that mean? It means that live bettors must place a bet on the New England Patriots -7.5. This option will win their bets if the New England Patriots win by eight or more points. Bettors who bet on the Seattle Seahawks +7.5 will win their bets; if the Seattle Seahawks don’t lose by more than seven points. A score of 21-13 pleases the former. While a score of 21-14 is suitable for the latter.

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    Point Spread Movements

    One of the most critical concepts of point spreads is movements. That’s when the line that’s on offer shifts in a specific direction. You see, whenever the markets for a particular match open. There’s always a starting spread online sportsbooks set. That’s the only point at which they have control over what the point spread is. Bettors can have their say as well by betting on one of the sides of the spread. If enough bets land on one of the teams without the same amount of bets landing on the other side.

    The spread will shift and reflect that eventually. So, if the market bets depict New England Patriots -6.5 and Seattle Seahawks +6.5. The market favors the New England Patriots -7.5 and Seattle Seahawks +7.5. If there’s action on the Patriots, it means that bettors back them because they’re the superior team. Or, they can place their bets on the New England Patriots -5.5 and Seattle Seahawks +5.5. On condition, the betting is on the Seahawks because most teams often underestimate them.

    As a bettor, you always have a choice to stay your hand for a specific bet. Or, you can bet on a better line later once the odds move. Alternatively, you can take advantage of point spread movements if you are an experienced punter.


    Pros and Cons of Point Spread Betting

    One of the pros of point spread betting is that you can bet on the underdog. The simple reason for this is that bettors sometimes fancy the underdogs to produce an upset. Unfortunately, moneyline betting is useless in this case. Point spread betting allows them to back the underdog to do relatively well.

    Additionally, point spreads are easy to track if you do your research and check the stats. As they come with odds that are more or less the same. Almost all handicapping services entail point spread betting. The fact that the odds balance out might be a negative point. It does not mean that point spread betting doesn’t have a lot to offer if you want better odds. We don’t deny that they do exist, it’s just that they are far and few in between.


    Point Spread Betting Strategies

    Let’s look at point spread betting and the strategies bettors have at their disposal. Interestingly, many bettors make a lot of money when they bet on the underdog because they cover large spreads. The trend in the world of professional sports is that the teams even out. On the whole many teams are capable of a solid performance. It might not be enough for an upset, especially if the team lacks that small edge. It’s enough for a tight contest though, and what makes backing plus handicaps so appealing.

    Another popular strategy is to back the favorites on small minus handicaps. It’s a tiny extension of regular wins and often occurs in many sports. The general rule is that the team that trails opens up at the very end of the game. In other words, they take more risks or try something new they haven’t tried before.

    Online sportsbooks allow players to buy and sell points. They can bet on different lines than the main one and get higher or lower odds on their bets. Suffice to say, we do not recommend it to inexperienced bettors. It requires extensive knowledge of sports and mathematics. Once you become an experienced bettor, we advise you to look into it. Buying and selling points helps you to apply your knowledge to match analysis. It is risky but also potentially rewarding since the idea of buying points and selling them entails superior odds.


    Final Word

    Point spread betting is an intriguing sport betting discipline due to its complexity and options. It’s different than betting on moneylines and it might not suit the average bettor. However, it’s also important that you give point spread betting a shot. That’s if you want to take betting on sports to the next level.