The vast majority of players still bet on moneylines and point spreads. There is no need to stick to them because there are other betting options available to you. Prop bets are one of those. So let’s dig a bit deeper and while we’re at it, we’ll discuss prop betting strategy!

    What Is Prop Betting?

    Prop betting is minor bets online sportsbooks hide in special tabs. Nevertheless, prop bets cover most of the popular sports in sports betting, such as American football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, soccer, and tennis.

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    Types of Prop Bets

    The one type of prop bets you’ll find in all sports are player performance prop bets. It allows bettors to predict how well some of the players will perform in a given match. For example, you can bet on how many goals or assists a key player will record in an NHL match. How many points or rebounds a player will make in an NBA match. Or, how many strikeouts a pitcher will make in an MLB match.

    Besides those, there are sport-specific prop bets that you can bet on – and those that are bizarre and outlandish. When it comes to the more conservative ones. You can bet on how many penalty minutes there will be in an NHL match. Or, how many strikeouts will occur in an MLB match.

    When it comes to the more outlandish ones. You can bet on whether the final total of goals will be even or odd in an NHL match. Moreover, which quarter will be the highest-scoring one in an NBA match. The latter category might look crazy at first glance. We don’t believe that it’s a good idea to make these bets your main ones. The smartest of bettors can gain some value out of them.

    Prop Betting Strategies

    Now that the general info is out the way. Let us give you a few handy tips with regard to prop betting strategies. The strategies we suggest require knowledge and discipline. Note, they can be profitable if you can get them to work. Firstly, there’s an excellent prop betting strategy that tracks players and their performances in matches.

    This strategy is particularly interesting for live betting that has favorite teams, and that watch them a lot. It helps you to focus more on individual players and to analyze their performances. Such knowledge is useful for all sorts of prop bets, and you can use it repeatedly. Especially, if you want to make a living out of betting on sports.

    Secondly, you can look into the main markets and convert that into a prop bet of some sort. Have a look at the implications and what that means for you value-wise. Where possible, find a prop bet market that goes against the main ones. Finally, if you want to mine some data. You might wish to specialize in outlandish prop bets like highest-scoring periods or penalty minutes. There is a large degree of randomness in these indicators. You’re likely to encounter a lot of winning streaks as well as losing streaks. So, it’s quite volatile. There can be some value from these markets over time. If you like the idea of breaking new ground it’s the way to go!

    Final Word

    Prop bets is an exciting betting proposition worth exploring. No matter the betting level you’re currently on. Even though they don’t have high betting limits, they do offer a lot of value. They are even more exciting than the typical moneyline bets and point spreads. However, we do recommend you look at them.