Round robins are called this way about tournaments where each team plays against each other at least once. They consist of a type of parlay so that the bettor will be placing bets for many results at the same time.

The player can join several types of betting lines in a round robin, such as (Moneyline bets, spread bets, total bets, etc.) to join the bets the player has two options:

  • Create a significant and unique parlay to gather all the results of all events. This is the traditional parlay.
  • Create small parlays to include all possible combinations of events. This is known as a round robin.

To create the round robin, the bettor must include at least three parlays in his bet, and there is not a maximum of the number of parlays that he can cover. The player can make the combinations he wants and create the parlays of the size that he places. Round robin bets can be a double-edged sword since the payouts of each parlay can be small. Still, they also increase player chances of success. If done correctly, the player can minimize losses and get a juicy win.


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How A Round Robin Works

As mentioned, at least three separate parlays with at least three different lines are required to create a round robin.

These are the three lines to which the player wants to bet:

Dallas Mavericks +7.5 (-110)
New England Patriots -3.5 (-110)
Pittsburgh Penguins +1.5 (-110)

In a regular parlay, the bettor would need the three teams to cover the spread to win. If only one of the teams fails, the player will lose the whole parlay. In the round robin, players don’t have to worry if a leg of the parlay fails since they can create a security policy to protect their profitability. It’s done by creating three different parlays composed of 2
teams, which would look like this:

Parlay 1
Dallas Mavericks +7.5 (-110)
New England Patriots -3.5 (-110)

Parlay 2
New England Patriots -3.5 (-110)
Pittsburgh Penguins +1.5 (-110)

Parlay 3
Dallas Mavericks +7.5 (-110)
Pittsburgh Penguins +1.5 (-110)

Under this scheme, each parlay is an independent event; therefore, if one fails, the others will compensate for the loss by delivering a payout to the bettor.
Suppose the New England Patriots failed to cover the spread, which would cause parlay 1 and 2 to fail. Still, parley number 3 the Mavericks and Penguins covered the spread so that the bettor would make a profit from it.

How To Create A Round Robin

The same happens if only the Mavericks failed to cover the spread, and Penguins and the Patriots covered the spread, parlay number 2 would be a win for the bettor. The magic of the round robin is that the player always has an option that can generate profits. If all parlays are successful, the player can win a significant profit. Creating a round robin is quite simple since most Sportsbooks have an option that allows gamblers to create bets of this type automatically.

The bettor should only choose the lines he wishes to include, and then click on the “round robin” option. The bettor must select how many different forms of parlay, that is, the number of legs in the game and finally indicate how much he wishes to bet.

If you are creating a round robin bet with only three lines, things are quite simple. But if the player wants to create a round robin of eight different lines with a parlay of five events. That’s more complicated; in this case, you will need to create 56 different parlays, which can be quite tedious. With that many parlays, combinations, and events happening at the same time, you can make mistakes.

For this reason, you should create large round robins only when you have enough experience with these types of bets. To make sure that the player does not fill their hands with more than they can handle Sportsbook limits the number of parlays between 3 and 8.

In the case of payouts, a parlay of 2 teams like the ones we created in our example where both teams are listed at (-110) the payout would be +260.
Round robins are the safest way to bet and still be profitable, players risk little and have the possibility of making a big win if all parlay in the round robin is successful.