Although soccer still struggles to hit the big time in the United States, it still is the most popular sport worldwide. It’s not surprising given its history, simple rules, and the fact that you don’t need a lot of equipment to play it. Well, soccer is also the most popular sport for betting volume-wise. The English Premier League garners a lot of attention from at least tens of millions of punters each day. So, if you’re into betting on soccer, our soccer guide hits the spot. You can now bet on soccer at any of our top online sportsbooks.

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    How to Bet on Soccer

    Betting on soccer is easy. Once you find a trustworthy sportsbook online, you’re good to go. All you need to do is select an online bookmaker. Open an account, find the market you’re looking for, deposit, and place your desired bet. Sorry for the interruption. If you want to play real money slots you can do so at our best USA online casinos. Just for signing up you qualify for an exclusive casino bonus on your first deposit. What’s more, they clear Bitcoin winnings of up to $BTC10,000 within minutes.


    The Main Soccer Bets

    Now that the basic info is out the way. Let’s take a look at what you can bet on, starting with the main markets. The most popular markets are Match Result Markets. They allow live betting punters to predict what the score will be after 90 minutes of play. More importantly, you can bet on a home win, an away win, or a draw. That said, the vast majority of bettors prefer the home win and away win options. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bet on a draw. Quite the contrary, a bet on a draw can offer excellent value for money.

    Next, there are handicaps and Asian handicaps that allow punters to back teams on a specific goal handicap. Basically, the given team has to win by a certain amount of goals (in the case of – handicaps). Or, not lose by a certain amount of goals (in the case of + handicaps). Asian handicaps are handicaps with whole numbers like +1 or -1 –. If the final result matches the line, the sportsbook will push and return all bets.

    Finally, there are Total Match Goals markets where you can predict how many goals a team will score before the final whistle. Usually, the line is 2.5 goals or 3.5 goals even though it can be slightly lower or slightly higher. Then again it depends on the specific circumstances of a soccer match. Total Match Goals markets have a distinctly Asian flavor in that the lines can be whole numbers like 2 and 3. If the final result matches the line, they bookie will return or push your bets.


    Types of Side Bets

    Since soccer is a great game with all sorts of stats and details, there is a huge variety of side markets. We don’t have anywhere near enough space to list them all here. We can give you a brief overview of the more popular ones. One of the most popular side bets is Corner markets. They allow bettors to bet on all things associated with corners. In other words, you can bet on which team will have the most corners in a match. Alternatively, you can bet on which soccer team will have the first 15 corners. Shrewd punters dig deeper into team strategies and they focus on corners.

    Aside from that, there are Card markets that allow soccer punters to bet on how many yellow or red cards the referee will issue in a game. Draw No Bet markets enables soccer bettors to choose the final result without a draw. Finally, the HT/FT markets allow you to bet on combinations of half-time results and final results.


    Soccer Betting Research

    Soccer is such a popular sport most online sportsbooks know its ins and outs. They cover the odds, which is almost entirely on point. The bottom line, it’s best if you were resourceful during your research. You can find a ton of information at online soccer forums. Know how good the teams and their players are on paper is a must. Spend a lot of time examining each team’s strategy. Take a closer look at how the teams stack up against each other. How motivated they are and the fitness level of each soccer team.

    Some soccer teams have the uncanny knack of scoring a few goals within the dying minutes of a game. For the simple reason, the opposing team is not as fit. At the highest levels, soccer betting is almost like alchemy. The opportunities for value is incredibly scarce. On the whole, it means that it’s a good idea to look at some of the lower leagues and competitions. While the info might be harder to obtain, they offer excellent value for money.


    Final Word

    Soccer is tremendously popular as a sport mainly because of its simplicity. Hopefully we showed you that it’s straightforward to get into soccer betting if that’s what you’d like to do. Soccer betting is easy to get into yet, it is not easy to become an expert at it. Before you bet, know the finer nuances of each soccer team that we outlined in this piece.