There are many great things about sports live betting. Regrettably, it has a slimy underbelly we call sports betting scams. Like all good things in life, they tarnish the reputation of online sportsbooks and tipsters. After all, sportsbooks conduct tens of millions of dollars in monetary transactions every day. So, it’s hardly surprising that there are sports betting scams involved. In this article, we take a look at common betting scams online, and we tell you how to avoid them.

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What Are Sports Betting Scams?

The first type of sports betting scam entails sports betting tips and subscription services. A sports betting scammer will entice you to sign up in exchange for picks and views. Although there are quite a few honest sports tipping services. The bad news is that there are many tipsters that would like to scam you out of your money. They promise you ‘quick’ returns without the red tape.

Usually, the tipster inflates his or her record by inventing tips the online sportsbook did not pick. The scammer removes the losing picks from the tally. Unless you track the tipster, you won’t notice that it is a scam. It’s easy because scammers often invest a lot of money on their websites and marketing. On the whole, they know how to inflate their reputation and they’ve got the gift of the gab. Watch out for betting experts who ply you with honeyed words.

To avoid these scams, you must know how the online sports betting industry works. Always take the too-good-to-be-true betting records with a pinch of salt. It would help if you never trust tipsters who don’t have extensive online betting experience. They proclaim to be the real deal enticing you to subscribe to their newsletter. Once you are a subscriber, this is when the fun and games usually start. They’ll ask you to donate money to their ‘welfare organization’ with the usual fanfare. Stating Mr or Mrs so-and-so donated money and they deserve a huge shoutout. Be careful, this is how they rope you in. They flatter you to such an extent that you’ll feel like a million bucks.


Sports Betting Scams Fixed Matches

The second type of scam is fixed matches. The funny thing is that the betting scam con artist proclaims to known the outcome of a match before it actually happens! Ten to one they bribed prominent members of the team to throw the match. Even though the respective governing bodies try to prevent corruption in online sports. Chances are quite good that you’ll run into a fixed match scam during your baseball sports betting career. If you bet on the major leagues. Avoid any bettor who says he or she is the ‘Real Deal.’

The only way you can avoid fixed matches is to be aware of the red flags. The biggest red flag of them all are odds that shift dramatically from their opening values. They can be injuries or a player that’s dropped from the team for no apparent reason.

Another red flag is that the odds don’t make sense. The only way you’ll know the normal odds is through experience. Finally, it’s a good idea to stay clear of the minor leagues and events. For the simple reason, it’s the playground of the fixers.


Sports Betting Scams Fake News

What about fake news? Basically, someone who pretends to know something about a match, usually the final result. Say, Rafael Nadal would beat someone in a match, the point is to pretend that there will be an outcome with enormous odds.

The typical modus operandi is that scammers send out messages with fake news and proclaim their picks will win. The bottom line here is that they try and scam as much money as possible from bettors before the betting lines move. If the guys get lucky with their picks, they can scam people out of even more cash.

The promise of receiving news about attractive odds is enticing. Scammers will try and sell you their ‘inside scoop’ since they have inside information. The tipster will tell you that a friend of his son is friends with the team’s basketball coach. Or, his daughter is dating one of the key players. If something sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. Remember that!


Final Word

There are quite a few scams that sports bettors can fall into if they are not careful. There’s a lot of money exchanged in sports betting. And, the problem is that many bettors want to get rich quickly. As a result, they are prone to any form of a betting scam. Be careful, and if you receive an unsolicited e-mail to your Inbox about something going down with team so and so – delete it. Always do your research first, we cannot stress this enough and don’t be greedy. One bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

Betting Scams FAQs

What are sports betting scams?

Sports betting scams are scams that have something to do with sports betting. Sports betting is a reasonably natural target for scammers because there's a lot of money involved. And, there are many bettors that would like to get rich fast!

What are sports betting tips, scams?

Sports betting tips scams are all about tipsters inflating their tipping records. Their aim is to attract more customers and collect more subscriptions before they disappear. If you want to stay safe, stay away from tipsters that haven't been around for long and that have suspiciously good records.

What are fixed matches scams?

Fixed matches are matches that have known outcomes even before they are played. Unfortunately, this is something that is still happening despite many anti-corruption efforts. You can't take any measures to avoid fixed matches entirely. However, it's a good idea to stay as far away from the more minor sports and leagues.

What are fake info scams?

Fake info scams are about scammers selling info that they claim to be genuine without that being the case. Often, the first info is for free. You might like the idea of paying for more if you happen to get a lucky pick at high odds for free.