UFC or Ultimate Fighting Champions grows by the day as a sport and it’s on the verge of becoming a global phenomenon. Gone are the days where the superstars of the fighting arena were boxers. The likes of Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, Connor McGregor, Khabib, and Justin Gaethje are the stars of today. Thanks to them UFC betting is now on the map. In this piece, we tell you a bit more about the UFC and how you can bet on it.

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What Is Betting on the UFC

Betting on the UFC is more than just a single showdown. Even though some of the clashes receive a lot of press coverage. On thing’s certain, the UFC is very popular. So much, so that online sportsbooks now jump at the opportunity to offer live UFC bets.


How to Bet on the UFC

Rest assured, it’s easy to bet on any UFC fight. All you need is five simple steps without even leaving your sofa. You can register an account at any our top UFC sportsbooks. Make a deposit, find the market you’re looking for, and place your first bet. You can deposit via a credit card or through one of the popular e-wallets. If you are from America or Australia, you can use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The crux of the matter is once you set up your account. You can place your bets within a few minutes.

The odds the UFC posts are in the not-so-popular US format. If the UFC posts the odds in a + format, you have a chance to win that amount of dollars for each $100 you wager. For example, you win $130 for a $100 bet on odds of +130. The final payout is $230. Should the UFC sportsbook post the odds in a – format, you need to bet that amount of dollars to win $100. Therefore, a bet of $300 to win $100 on odds of -300. The final payout will then be $400.


Types of Main Bets

We walked you through the basics of UFC betting. Let’s start with the primary market, which is the United States. The most popular bets are To Win Fight bets that are straight bets on who will win the night. Therefore, they work precisely as moneyline bets in other sports. There are two types of match-ups. One with equal odds, these fights are exciting no matter what.

One features the favorite and one the underdog. The problem is when you back the favorite, you won’t win much money. But, since it is the UFC, anything is possible. The underdog might tag the favorite with a sublime shot, and win. As a result, you’ll win a lot of money if you backed the underdog.


Types of Side Bets

If you want to broaden your horizons have a look at the side markets. The UFC fighters are not that well-known, but they could be the UFC stars of tomorrow. The risks aren’t that big, and the odds are better. In terms of popularity, the most popular side bets are Fight Outcome bets. They allow bettors to be more specific concerning the outcome of a fight with higher odds. The odds are more appealing than the odds for the standard To Win Fight bets.

It requires a tad more knowledge because the result of the fight can be via a knockout, submission, or a decision. Each fighter’s fighting record comes to the fore. If the fighter is a striker, you look at how many knockouts he or she scored. If the UFC fighter is a wrestler, how many submissions he scored before the fight. It’s exciting stuff when you have a UFC fight between a wrestler and a striker. For example, a fight between Khabib and Connor McGregor.

The other type of side bets is Total Rounds side bets. You can bet on how many rounds the fight will have. Will it go the distance? Or, will it be a first-round knockout or submission? Regardless of how the UFC matches its fighters. In unequal fights, you might think that the underdog will go the distance. The worst-case scenario is when the favorite knocks out the underdog in only a matter of seconds. A prime example was the fight between McGregor and Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. McGregor knocked him senseless within 40 seconds in the first round.


Advantages and Disadvantages of UFC Betting

Now that all the general info is out of the way. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of UFC betting. UFC betting is still in its infancy shoes. There are many different angles smart bettors can use to give them the edge over sportsbooks. Of course, getting an edge is by no means easy. It will help if you study each UFC fighter’s strengths and weaknesses, track record, age, and fight IQ.


There are long breaks between UFC meetings. Which means that you have a lot of time to do research. Thing is you must expect anything because fighters sustain injuries during fights. Take the fight between Kabib and Tony Forguson, for example. Khabib backed out the match due to his father’s illness, and Justin Gaethje took up the challenge with Ferguson which he won. Let’s not forget you can get tons of info about the UFC on social media. The top UFC fighters are active on social media, where they discuss previous fights and slate their next opponents.


The only con we can think about the UFC is that the top fighters usually have long spells before their next fights. The bottom line, if you want to bet on other UFC fighters, you must study them as well. Some UFC bettors might see this as a negative, but not us. Long breaks mean that the UFC gives each new fighter a time to shine on the world’s biggest fighting stage.

Additionally, there aren’t all that many UFC fights you can bet. The good news is that Dana White schedules more and more fights, which keeps the UFC fresh and exciting. Especially now that Connor McGregor is back in the fold. Who knows when McGregor and Kabib will go hammer and tongs again. What we can tell you is that we can’t wait to see Connor and Justin Gaethje slug it out. Both of them are strikers, and they don’t hold back their punches, especially Gaethje!

Final Word

Betting on the UFC is the next big thing. Simply put, it’s a slugfest where the world’s best fighters go hammer and tongs against each other. Whether it’s wrestling, Brazilian Jujutsu, or mixed martial arts. If you can fight, almost anything goes. See you in the cage!